Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


So, it’s been 7 days since I lasted posted in this thread and what I said then is still 100% true today.
There is still chatter and there are still questions. When we do have something more concrete to say, we will absolutely say it. In the meantime, I am working on the June Content Schedule and I am looking forward to announcing ET 25 at the start of next month.

Thank you for your messages of support. They go a long way.
Thank you also for your patience whilst you wait for that ‘something more concrete’.

This is what I posted 7 days ago, just for clarity:

Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

I’m on ps4 and I watch them because how bad they are at Elusive Targets. Lol.


Thank you for everything you and the rest of the IO team have done for the Hitman franchise, this has been the best Hitman game ever for me and I hope it will not be the last. We are all waiting for news, but can understand why you might want to wait for more concrete information before announcing anything. Out of interest, do you have any idea when abouts we will be gettng more news about the future? (I do understand if you can’t say anything about that right now.)


Whatever happens with IOI and the franchise, I know I speak for the majority of people here and in the wider Hitman community by saying that we are squarely behind everyone on the team and will be for years to come. Publishers come and go, but the quality of HITMAN is what lasts.


And everyone else, the core part of the game is done and that doesn’t change, because we moved on to Elusive targets.

Just because a story can lose it value and excitement over time does not make it any less the core of the game, everything else in HITMAN is build upon the pillars of the single player experience, unlike a game like BF1. Sure there is a single player campaign in BF1, but the hole series main focus and goal is to deliver a rich Multiplayer experience and is the main reason people buy the game, EA and Dice knows this. Everything else in HITMAN is build upon the backbone of the story mode.

But it does, because the main goal of the game is not to release Elusive Targets, Contracts Mode or Escalation Contracts. The Episodic Release was created to put a focus on the story of HITMAN 2016 and this aspect is by far the thing IO have used the most money, time and resources on. If there wasn’t money for the other things, it would simply not exist. If IO had to choose between Story Mode or Elusive Targets, they would choose the Story mode.

You are welcome to like the secondary modes of the game more then the main part of what IO set out to do and i don’t blame you for that. But it’s wrong that Elusive Targets and other secondary parts of the game is the core experience of HITMAN.

We can easily agree to disagree on what we find most interesting :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, even you couldn’t say anything new, but at least for me no new news is good news :smiley:.
As worried as we are i can’t imagine how worried you guys are about the future of Hitman, i’m not worried about the rest of season 1, but rather season 2 and beyond.
Almost no need to say i hoping for the best for IO-I and Hitman, but i said it anyway :wink:.


Thanks for the update, it’s much appreciated even if it just confirms the lack of concrete information.


Thanks, it’s still nicer to know that there’s nothing to know than not even knowing that.

Or something.


I think you’re mistaking “success” with “good reception”.


Kinda just meant amongst the community or in my books :slight_smile:


I guess that Frank Zappa wasn’t a successful musician, he just got a “good reception”.


SKIP TO 33:40

I couldn’t find just this scene, so here’s the whole movie lmao

I IMMEDIATELY thought of IO with this scene! :rofl:


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If it was legally uploaded then i’m sure they wouldn’t have added that ridiculous filter in an attempt to distort the image.


I actually find it more hilarious that he’s asking something totally irrelevant. Seriously, what’s the point of that question? :flushed:


Ah! Thanks for the tip.

Back on topic…
Thanks @Travis_IOI for the update. Hope to hear good news very soon!



I saw that on my twitter homepage… Holy crap guys, I might be thinking too much… but what is this supposed to mean??? :sweat:


I think it means Nick had a rough Friday… which is to be expected given the uncertainty of IO-Interactive’s future and the general grind of the working week.


Yeah, I’m just hoping that nothing terrible happened at IO on Friday… and that I’m just reading too much into it…