Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


How 2 be square enix:

  1. Cut your games up in 3 parts
  2. Drop them or put them on haitus after the first part.

Rip Deus Ex Rip Hitman

Probably not though


One of the few great, intellectually stimulating games out there that isn’t watered-down, over-commercialized, multiplayer-centric child-fodder, and this happens?

Hitman was easily my favourite game of 2016 and I haven’t even been a die-hard fan of the series.

Very disappointed. IO deserved so much better for their excellent work.

Square Enix, please go and sit down next to Konami. You have failed the gaming community.


There have been rumours for a long time that Sqeenix deliberately decided to cut certain titles to maximise profit - Deus Ex as the notable example, but also Final Fantasy and by extension Hitman. It’s not ludicrous to say they may have had a hand in Hitman’s episodic nature, considering the shift from full game to episodic / their terrible business practises.


In all seriousness it’s possible he rented the physical version if he didn’t bother with the episodic release.


The full season would have been released just like it was and at a similar date if they didn’t go episodic so I don’t really understand the complaint. All it did, was allow those of us that didn’t want to wait a year for the finished game, to buy each mission as they were finished. Overall it allowed them to take player feedback and fix any major problems before the release of the full game so it was a win in all directions as far as I see it. The only problems I had with the game was the online connectivity problems which never effected me but I felt the always online component was not necessary and the SLI support has been poor though some of that has to do with DX12 and given the options in the configurator I can see that they have al least attempted to support it. In terms of gameplay, it’s a little different, some things are better and some things are not. Overall in my opinion, this is one of the best Hitman games they have ever made and I am a long time fan who pre-ordered the original Codename 47 on the PC back in the day.


Unfortunately Season 1 was not up to standard. Sapienza and Marrakesh were excellent, but the other locations failed to meet the high expectations set by those two. When you create levels which are literally the size of small towns, you can’t get away with creating ones in the same game which are centred around just one building.

There is a larger problem however, and that is the episodic release model that has unfortunately been forced upon us. By the time you get to experience the full season, you have already gotten so sick of each individual level that a playthrough from start to finish just isn’t appealing anymore. What I loved about Blood Money is that you could regularly sit down for a session over a few hours, and you would enjoy playing every single level in a unique way until you got to the end. We were robbed of that experience in this game.


No we weren’t. The Whole of season 1 is out now. You can do that.
Arguably there are more “unique” ways of killing your targets than Blood Money too.

Well Blood Money has been out for 10 years and people are still playing that.


The episodic clearly works perfectly with this Hitman but it seems there’re no advertisement about it. To be honest, lack of advertisements is one of the reason sales are affected. They don’t explain very well about how insane the replayability this game is, considering this game is AAA, niche and single-player.
Maybe the people who in charge of advertisement and marketing don’t understand the game. :unamused:


I don’t understand why people are complaining about it being episodic. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Buy it when it’s complete. To be saying that is a bit selfish honestly. Why not let the ones who prefer episodes play the game that way and when it’s all released, you can go buy it and play it all at once. Being episodic doesn’t affect you at all. It’s like an early release or complaining about a beta. Lol.

I did the same thing with back to the future by tell tale. I didn’t want to buy it episodically, so I waited. But I never for a second complained that the game shouldn’t be episodically released. I just waited for it to be complete.


We also have no idea if sales were bad. IO claimed to be happy with sales, and there are lots of other reasons why SE could have decided to drop IOI. Let’s wait and see before spreading rumors that could tarnish the property’s reputation.


He is against the episodic release because of the below.

I am sure this hasn’t been the case for a vast majority of folks.

This version has a lot more options than Blood Money did.

Speak for yourself. :smirk:


It literally wasn’t in any way or form forced upon us. From day one IO said that the game would get a physical release after the season ended, the episodic release was for us who wanted to get in early and help set our thumbprint on the experience.

Feeling burnt by the episodic model is fine, because it didn’t lived up to one’s expectations. But claiming you had no choice in the matter is just not owning up to ones own mistakes.


The choice was opt into it to get access to ETs (and thus cosmetics gated by it), or buy later and miss the first half of the ET run. To be fair, while it isn’t forcing you, I can see why people look down on it for this reason.

Maybe they’ll pull the three test/dev ETs out and let us play them? (i.e. the ones with non-drinky-drink codenames)


The episodic model worked great and most of the critics were turned around, including myself. It has vastly extended the Hitman experience and the regular live content meant that there was something to play for the most of a whole year.

If IO needs to be criticized, it should be that they were terrible at explaining it, changing it again and again before release. I think that hurt the sales a lot.


Couldn’t have said it better.

Explaining a continual development title to the triple A market isn’t exactly easy, there are a lot of misconceptions and opinions you have to address. The way IO explained it was rife with confusion and was probably designed as a eli5, instead of releasing a development road-map. That would have helped everyone immensely.

I have the opinion that if they had of stuck with what they had originally planned but obviously knew they couldn’t have pulled off by time-frame & delayed it. Things would have gone a lot smoother. But hey, foresight.

Should HITMAN use a standardized Roadmap?

I have to agree, this where the hole experience falls flat was the delivery of information and how down right confusing it was at time.

But i’m also under the impression that a lot of back and forth can be blamed on Square-Enix pressuring IO and meddling in the release plan. Though i’m more then sure that IO learned from these mistakes and we will get a much cleaner road towards season 2, if we are so lucky.


Some rumors say season 2 is halfway completed. If this is true, how long did they work on the first half? I image after Hokkaido, so thats 7 months. If they have another 7 months for the second half, it should be finished at the end of the year. And they can sell it as a complete game/season.

But only if the rumours are right


But if those rumours are true, it refers to the complete season 2, and they go for episodic again - I really hope they do! - then they could start releasing sooner than that. :pray:


Why not? In my opinion Paris is as good as Sapinenza, Colorado and Hokkaido is better than Marrakesh, so i think IO-I got away with it just fine.


One of my favorite levels in the game is Hokkaido. The size of the levels doesn’t make it necessarily better or worse. It’s about level design, esthetics, interesting locations, NPCs, opportunities, etc. I think every level in this game is objectively speaking very well designed. Which ones you like better is rather a personal preference.

The episodic model wasn’t forced upon anybody. I’m a longtime Hitman fan, but chose to wait until disc release anyway. Despite missing many ETs, I don’t regret that decision, because it gave me the freedom to play in my own way, on my own pace, switching between levels whenever I want.