Stadia: Massive performance issue in Paris

Edit: Seems to be fixed. That’s the downside when you’re not ever installing updates, you don’t know when things are improved :joy:


The light rig above the Paris catwalk brings the framerate on stadia to a crawl whenever it is on screen.
It’s inconvenient when hanging outside the attic.
It truly makes gameplay much worse when you try to steal the fireworks remote - it’s not a small stutter, it goes down to just a few frames per second and makes it really hard to play on that level around the lights.

Hope this can be addressed. For the record, this is when playing 4k hdr.


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Could be a problem with your bandwidth, given that Stadia is basically a stream. Die it fix itself or die you change anything?

Well if it was the bandwidth the rest of the game would not run smoothly. It was fixed in the game.