Standard vs Gold Edition, What is worth to buy today?

Sorry for my bad English but it is not my native language.
In my country I have two interesting offers for Hitman 2 on Xbox One:
Hitman 2 Standard Edition - 17,3$
Hitman 2 Gold Edition - 32,8 $ ( With Steelbook)

It is worth now to buy extended version of that game? I care the most about sniper assassin mode.
I know that normal version has one SA missions and the gold has 2 additional but what is with other content? Is there other good missions and activities?
Have a nice day!

No doubts

The most full edition will give you 2 more sniper maps

Standard version will give you just 6 basic locations + 1 sniper map with nothing more.
Gold Edition will bring you everything that ever been released for the game.
That includes a few new bundles with suits and a few gadgets like Eletrocution Phone.
2 additional basic locations + 2 sniper maps


Go for Gold Edition. It’s Currently on a 75% sale on Xbox. So you can get it for $25.

Yes it is worth it.

You get 10 extra dlcs with the Expansion Pass. Two locations, two sniper missions, 2 Special Assignments Packs with 2 Special Assignments each and 4 packs.

Standard Edition:

  • Includes all the base game main locations;
    ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek & Isle of Sgail + Himmelstein.

Gold Edition:

  • Includes all the base game main locations;
    ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek & Isle of Sgail + Himmelstein.
  • +Expansion Pass, 10 dlcs listed below.

Expansion Pass:
Comes with Gold Edition and can be purchased seperately.
Includes 10 dlcs.

  • Locations: New York & Haven Island.
  • Sniper Assassin Mode: Hantu Port & Siberia.
  • Special Assignments Pack 1 & Special Assignments Pack 2.
  • Packs: Winter Sports Pack, Smart Casual Pack, Executive Pack & Collectors Pack.

@misterkiller @Ibbe
Thanks for the responds, I’ve decided to buy steelbook gold edition.
I have Hitman 1 definitive edition but without access to Colorado and Hokkaido.
Will I have possibility to play this missions thanks to the Legancy pack in Hitman 2 with no cost?

How that possible?

You should have access to those levels in every version of the game, including Legacy Pack because they are basic locations

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I’ve bought used one with no additional code included, I found information that without it I have no access to this two missions. Unfortunatelly I didn’t read about it before purchase :frowning:

It’s a strange, because as far as I know, code is used for obtaining bonus missions.
Bonus missions are on Sapienza and Marrakesh.
Landslide, The Icon and A House Built on Sand.
Do you have those missions?

Colorado has no bonus missions and it’s a middle basic location that should be in your game, even pre-used.
Same for Hokkaido. It’s a conclusive location to HITMAN 2016 and has no bonus missions.
It has Patient Zero campaign and Hokkaido Snow Festival.

So it’s a weird that you haven’t access to those levels. You should return that copy of the game to the owner, though I know it’s hardly possible

I can’t remember exactly, but one or two locations are not included in the disc as far as I know.

Edit: I tested it, and Colorado and Hokkaido weren’t in the disc.

I uninstalled my digital version and tried to install the definitive edition. And Colorado and Hokkaido are not on the list. It should be between Bangkok and Clown outfit, but it’s not there.

Contents that not included in the disc can be accessible by redeeming the code inside the case. If you don’t have it, then, unfortunately, you need to buy a digital version to access them.

HM2 Gold Steelbook 4K and Xbox X enhanced from Game £28.10 free postage…sounds amazing…going for it myself, better than £80 digital…MS & XBOX certainly know how to rip customers off…digital has no media no shipping storage costs…one day it will be Digital only…IMO it should be possible to sell or transfer digital licences the same as physical media…just ask to have the game de licensed and sell,or transfer it…simple, but they don’t want people selling games, they would rather customers have DLC they can’t use anymore, because they stopped playing it and force others to buy new…

But some people prefer digital versions because they don’t need to insert the disc to play the game and don’t have to wait until their game is shipped. So, it’s not they rip customers off, they give customer’s choice. If you don’t like the digital version, you can buy a physical disc.

Ok choice is good but £80 vs ££28.10 is a bit extreme
Plus a physical copy can be sold, a digital can not,

That’s also your choice. If you think the digital version is not worth the price, you can buy a physical one, or you can wait for a sale.

Yes of course while we still have the choice, luckily as digital is so so expensive it may slow down the complete removal of physical media, if it was me I would seek digital for the same or lower price than physical to encourage the transition, but that would be fair, and no one ever accused MS of being fair, once we are all happily on our ‘Free’ windows 10 they will introduce a subscription service…take care keep safe

Don’t worry. They can’t remove physical media entirely. Physical media still have fans, and the market is not as small as they can just ignore. You can say it by looking at companies that are still making physical media.

If the moment comes that physical media is gone, I’m pretty sure it became useless.

Have a bit of a mystery, I found I have HM2 in my Xbox games as on…it’s under owned games on the Xbox under library, but not in purchase history.the info says it was acquired on the 3rd October 2019 ( my Son has the same ) so no idea how I got it. So thought if I buy the expansion pack, will get Gold version, especially as it’s only £8.
However, the content I now have is confusing.
In destinations I have up to and inc Hokkaido then I have New York haven island, mantuport & siberia but the others say get access,
In campaigns all I have are golden handshake & the last resort
In sniper assassin I don’t have himmlestein
In contracts it’s a mixture have COVID,kill them all, easy just for,hitman v hitman & various others but not all
Patient zero seems to work

Not sure what all this means, I love hitman games, but only played HM1 so far…question is, Is my HM2 free digital game somehow ‘not quite right ?’ Which means the expansion pack won’t work correctly most likely…need someone who knows this game a whole lot better than me to help explain what’s going on…

Worse case I will request a refund for the expansion pack and buy the gold version on disk for £28…
I hope you can make some sense of all this…please

Correct. Hitman 2 has never been free. The Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack is free, that’s how you can access the H1 missions and the Expansion Pass content.

You have two options;

  1. Purchase Hitman 2 Standard Edition.
  2. Refund Expansion Pass and purchase the Gold Edition.

I know it’s never been free, so can’t account for this, nor can Xbox help persons…agree with your options…so should I have more or possibly all the content I said wasn’t available, available ?..

That depends on which option you choose out of the two options I wrote in my last reply.

Purchasing Standard Edition gets you Miami to Isle of Sgail + Himmelstein.
This + the Legacy Pack and the Expansion Pass that you own will make you have everything within Hitman 2.

I was referring to what I have now. If the HM2 is complete and the expansion pack installed properLy, would I have the content missing as I listed ?..also what do you think of the screenshot ?

Yes, read this Standard vs Gold Edition, What is worth to buy today?

Is that when you installed Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack?
I don’t get your question about the screenshot