State of Inventory

I play the new Hitman because aside from it being a long time favorite of mine, the game is one of the very few these days that isn’t trying to implement in-game purchases (plus quality (and polished) multiplayer games are not common these days in part due to microtransactions). The industry is corrupt and yet Hitman 2016 & 2018 are among the few to take care of its game’s integrity it seems. The only issue I’ve had with the content is the inventory choices…

Why is the inventory set up as (LARGE) tiles with nothing more than a description and small icons for perks that are hard to see some aspects (e.g. number of sniper zoom levels)? The perks’ descriptions are vague and only viewable in the menus after unlocking the item. For example on Xbox the description for the Marksman perk (slow time) says to HOLD the same button which is to Shoot; firing the gun instead of how it actually works which is by lightly/slowly pressing the trigger. Or the Black Almond Dagger with a confusing description which hints that its poison can be used without food/drink. None of the items are clear on what is determined safe to use subtly, aside from the brief mentioning in the item description in the menus if it is hard to notice/frisk-able.

I realize the game is only in its 2nd season with a lot more to look forward to still too. But already it can be… overwhelming / tedious when trying to figure out what exactly you need during the planning phase. Why not have it more like a List or at least a tile grid? Please.

Why don’t items elaborate AT ALL on stats like clip size, volume (how easy can using the item be heard). It seems alot of unlocks are and will continue to be copies of previously unlocked items (i.e. mark 2) with no apparent difference at all aside from a VERY SLIGHT change in the art detail (e.g. One example: Gloves for a suit you already have but these gloves are “DRIVERS” gloves (which just visually have a pale skin colored circle on the top of the hand a player would likely never even notice, yet the circle on the gloves are the entire difference.
Unfortunately this isn’t only pertaining cosmetics as guns and well all logically chosen items. The silverballers and the black Lilly * the original (4 total copies of the same gun basically, except ones black and it can slow time IF you know how on console). The sniper rifles are bad in this aspect too. Honestly what exactly is the difference between say… the numerous varients of the Seiger 300? Need I elaborate further?

Is there any likelihood the inventory system will undergo a change in the future?

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The description says that it contains a single does of poison vial. Poison vial can only be used in consumable stuff.
So someone shouldn’t be confused if it works like a syringe or not.

That’s very exaggerating. I had no issues figuring out the items when I started playing H2016. In Hitman 2 the only one that can cause confusion is rfid explosion, and even that is easy to figure out after you experiment with it.
All items are very easy to figure out what their function is.

I agree on your other point about having a better ui but it’s not bothering me. I know where my “go to” items are and I’m not bothered with scrolling for a couple seconds to get them.
Could it be improved, yes.


Nah I don’t think I’d like that more than what we have now.

But I’d love IO ir they implemented a favourites tab so we don’t have to constantly scroll





You don’t think you would like a more customizable or simplified inventory interface? Maybe a filter option for perks? Idk. The way it is now looks and feels to me like an early concept still.

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I assumed the poison would be administered if using it to finish off an incapacitated enemy. I’m just saying I think it would be more beneficial to have more straightforward descriptions.
Rehashed items can have slight differences that arent mention whatsoever in the description (silverballers’ accuracy & slow time differences are prime examples.)

I’m just sad that not all the long guns in missions can be taken, all you have to do is put the word magnum on the end of the title if they’re too weak, also versions of the same weapon should be hidden in a sub menu, oh, and extra ammo should be an item option.

Otherwise, I got my sabre/cutlass, I’m happy.

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That’s precisely what I meant - the subcategories. Or like snipers could be filtered by 3 ranges, medium, long, and max range (idk. The range of the Siberian rifle unlock is incredible though lol).
Ammo type I’m hoping for future seasons content. Expecting it actually. Hitman Sniper (mobile game) had Ammo types like standard, shockwave, explosive (etc) but it didn’t requiredl a whole separate weapon unlock like thus far in this series.

Im fine with the way it is now.


I don’t think in-game purchases are necessarily bad unless it’s “pay to win”. As long as it’s cosmetic, I could even appreciate it on Hitman 3.

But I agree about the Black Almond Dagger. Probably the most confusing description. I’ve had some trouble with a couple flashes and explosives to figure out exactly how they worked from the description, but nothing major.

We can add inventory to the long list of necessary quality of life improvements that this game desperately needs. We still probably have a year worth of updates before it becomes absolutely unmanageable. But once H3 drops, we better get a new layout.

And on a separate note, I’d like to whine about the poisons tab specifically. Because it is kind of a mess. Half of that tab exists almost exclusively to circumvent item limitations by giving us bunch of reskins. So I can’t take three copies of the same Emetic Syringe, but I can take One Regular Emetic Syringe, one MK2 Syringe and one Antique Syringe? Same goes for vials and pills.

Ideally, I would like to go back to the BM system where syringes could also be used to poison food and drinks. Then the whole sub-category could be shrunk down to just a few items.

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That’s what I’m saying, it’s like that for the all the tabs; all useable/unlockable items. I mean what is the difference between an antique and modern and the cosmetic difference of something which we can’t even see (the suits are the only thing that can maybe be an exception I think).

I mean in the main menu inventory there are 2 melee menus right now… Why? Tools inventories are very unorganized; gas gadgets (one is a literal gas grenade yet its in the Tools. Tasers, same thing. Lockpicks, I mean do we REALLY NEED 3 RESKINS FOR LOCKPICKS! What!

Lockpick is for people who have access to the legacy pack and can play the ica training missions

Lockpick MK 2 is so people who only have hitman 2 can get a lockpick a pretty useful tool.

Classic Lockpick is an unlock for completing the classic challenges and also pays homage to the lockpick look in old hitman games

so yes we do need 3 lockpick skins

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imo it would be better to choose unlockable skins for the items instead of having 3 or more reskin items of the same kind in your inventory

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“A single dose of poison vial” is pretty much more straightforward. The only thing more straight forward would be:
“You can stab your enemy with this knife, or poison his drink or food. YIKES!”
And that’s far too gamey.

Why not just say “administered to food/drink”. 4-5 words. But you’re right
Trial by fire is the most optimal for a game of this magnitude so hell why even have descriptions that offer ANY info on use.

I understand the reason for legacy reskins but not 3 separate unlocks which each do precisely the same thing. The standard lockpicks is earned by completing 3 story missions in the training which everyone who has Hitman 2 has regardless of the version release. The classic is for completing the Hitman 2 professional challenges (which isn’t even that hard for players who can play pro difficulty. By that time the standard should be unlocked long ago by the player in training).
The mark 2 lockpick is literally redundant and takes away reason to do the training missions for the standard. If CASUAL TRAINING is too hard for any players to the point they cannot complete 3 TUTORIAL MISSIONS WITH VISUAL GUIDES IN GAME… the person probably shouldn’t be playing hitman honestly.

The ONLY thing that should have RESKINS are weapons (firearms specifically, since aside from suits its the only noticeable cosmetic content). Even the weapon reskins are redundant though when they have NO change in mechanics at all. At least offer a different Ammo type (or more rounds) for reskin weapons. I wouldn’t even be opposed to unlocks that just add to items like unlocking more Disposable scrambles, gold bars, more distraction devices like additional Big Ones, etc. That would make it significantly more worth the effort and time to grind for unlocks like that that matter.

Firearms dont need reskins at all lol, offers nothing. Reskins for syringes, explosives etc, now those add something

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I would rather have completely black Silver baller (Black Baller) even if it is 100 percent the exact same as the Silver Baller we have it makes much more sense to have that than to have Silver Baller Mark 2 where the mark 2 version adds nothing to the gun in any shape or form.

As for Syringes and stuff, I think those things should stack as you unlock more. Instead of a reskin/Mark 2 syringes they should just stack as you unlock more.

Removing the Mark 2s and giving skins or stacking like items makes a lot of sense, at least to me it makes much more sense than something being called mark 2 and having no improvements over the older model in any shape or form.

They have stated that the reason for it, was that there was gear they considered requirements for anyone to be able to unlock regardless of if they had Legacy or not. With that being really the only reason for these Mark 2 essentially duplicate guns wouldnt it be smarter to offer alternate versions of the guns?

For example like In Legacy you get the Silver Baller Silenced, and the HAWK21 unsilenced. Wouldn’t it be cool in season 2 to get a Unsilenced Silver Baller, and a Silenced HAWK21 that has better perks? That way those of us who have Legacy and have grinded out those challenges again don’t have an inventory cluttered with duplicate items. At this point I will happily accept a reskin since that will save IO time which seems it the one thing they need at the moment.

What? I can only assume you’re being sarcastic…