Staying busy with HM3? + HM1/2 levels

Hey fellow agents!

The last few times I’ve logged on to HM3, I haven’t found much else to do… the arcade mode was pretty cool, but was over just as quickly as it began. Seems that I find myself looking to replay previous levels, featured contracts, etc. and I feel like I’m little stuck looking for things to do…

A quick side-note… a ton of nostalgia potential exists in the levels from HM1 & HM2, but as of yet the overwhelming majority of content has been focused on the HM3 levels. I really do feel as if there are other roadmap-worthy contracts or events from these earlier locations that would be of interest to loyal gamers and spark interest to those late to the party who haven’t yet explored them. Thoughts?

Back to the original topic though… wondering what you’ve all been doing to keep the game fresh in the eyes of the gamer? Is there anything I might be missing? Let me know!


I guess the answer for me is “I don’t”. Every now and then I’ll load the game up and play a contract or tool around on one of the IOI-provided missions, but overall, I don’t play it every day or even every week now. Whenever IOI releases new content I check it out but it’s usually an hour or two at most these days.

Way back before Hitman 3 was even released someone mentioned something about having the entire World of Assassination to play with but outside of just having those maps available, and the occasional release of one of the Elusive Targets from Hitman 1 or 2, that hasn’t really happened. All of the new content has been focused on just the Hitman 3 maps and anything for Hitman 1 or 2 was available in those games at some point.

Players are still waiting for any news on when the next group of Elusive Target Arcade content will be released and for any news on what the release date of the Freelancer content will be. Beyond that, we’re just waiting and playing contracts. Some people are creating contracts too, but the game is largely in a holding pattern for now I think.


It’s fun to go on every couple weeks and play some featured/trending contracts. That’s the main thing to do when you’ve done everything else. I’ve also done kill everyone challenges with various extra rules (Master Mode, suit only, never get compromised, melee only, etc).


I highly recommend you participate in our Player-Made Elusive Target game! It’s still, sort of going on I think? About every week there’s a new contract, where you’ve got to play it with minimal hud, one run, maybe some specific objectives, like a good old elusive target!

Too bad I haven’t been able to play since I’m not around my PS4 these days.


I haven’t gotten into this yet, but it’s high time.

I’ll probably end up posting this elsewhere, but man I wish IOI could somehow integrate a “reset all challenges in the game” button, which would do what it says but clearly without granting you the XP over again. I just love that fwoosh-clunk sound so much. And I would totally replay the levels all over again if I could “re-unlock” all the challenges. Clean slate, start over, go.

Hey, a guy can dream.


play contracts, SONKO challenges and the ones from the fan-made contracts page, most of the FC’s are bad only a few are decent

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Honestly, I just try mastering all missions and complete most of the challenges, and then just move on for a while and try to forget as much as I can of the maps – so that when I eventually return, I can re-discover the game. I am not really a fan of contracts, escalations or even elusive targets. Feels like filler content to me. If IOI wants to go the live service model, at least give me a few new maps now and then.


To be honest, I don’t. The only thing that really keeps me coming back to the game is just working on some mods, or even just trying to 100% levels in VR.


I still have 7 locations to finish and arrive 100% i use mods sometimes and play contracts that keep me alive
But i think to the long term we need more game modes that not finish, like contracts (i hope freelancer will be like that) and multiplayer .

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In my opinion Hitman games are at its best when they aged like fine wine and the nostalgia flavour comes in. A few years back I suddenly found my old copy of BM in a hidden bag along with my old PS2. Launched the badboy up after years of no play and let me tell you, shit was good. Then I continued with Contracts, followed with SA. I had a huge blast playing it again and the amount of fun was immeasurable.

Currently I’m pretty burnt out on the WOA trilogy too. After I got all the mastery done I switched off the HUD and started doing Blood Money style playthroughs (no sneak running, only sedative syringe, fiberwire only), and now that I’ve done all the maps AND all the arcade contracts I think I’m done for a while. Probably the best way to fully enjoy the trilogy again will be to let it rest for a few years and rediscover it again when you almost forgot about it.


Once the Freelancer mode launches I think that will give the game a mini revamp I think.

On topic, I play around with a few of the missions every now and then. Sometimes I’ll focus purely on Contracts, then sometimes I’ll go back in and play the actual story mission.

I sometimes go back and play Sniper Assassin as well to try and climb that leaderboard :wink: