Stealthing Lee Hong's Mansion

So I’m trying to do complete the Lee Hong Assasination Suit Only. I can sneak through the whole mission. However, instead of taking his car back, 47 must sneak into Lee Hong’s Mansion and steal his power boat.

But it’s impossible to sneak through!

I’ve tried to go through the secret passage, but you are instantly spotted. If you go through the main entrance the guards are positioned so they watch almost every passageway.

I’m wondering if anybody has found a way to stealth this part.


Well I can’t remember anything, how about killing the guards?

Someone on the Hitman Discord has the same problem, and I’m not sure if it’s possible to be honest.

Hitman Discord! How do I join?

(This is the invite link)

happy to see this game isn’t totally dead :slight_smile:


it’s impossible to totally stealth it because as you said there is guards watching both entrances.

the closest you could get to ‘stealthing it’ would be to carefully shoot through with the silenced Beretta.

I made a video for you,