Steam Trading Cards not dropping(solve)

I’ve played the game for about 14 hours now and I havent gotten any of the steam trading cards from the game. I know that there are trading cards for Hitman 2 and on my badge info it says 4 card drops remaining but I still havent received any.
I have get HITMAN™ 2 – Starter Pack,then past a week i buy HITMAN 2 - Gold Edition.

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Same problem here. Seems like a lot of people struggle with that.

Steam Trading Cards are Valves products, not IO’s I suggest contacting steam on this matter. If you already obtained cards for a title that supports it you only can earn so much and not all of them. If you choose to want all them you will have to buy/trade them which are relatively inexpensive.

  1. Open the steam customer service page and select HITMAN 2.
  2. Select the game I want to remove from my account.
  3. Choose to remove the “HITMAN and trade; 2 and ndash; Starter Pack” after removal card will drop normally