Stereoscopic 3D images created from Hitman

For a week or so, I’ve been toying with the idea of making stereoscopic images using screenshots from Hitman. Since we have the ability to switch from an over right shoulder and over left shoulder perspective, I figured I would take two images and see if it gave a good stereoscopic view when combined. I haven’t taken the time to really get it perfect, but these are the first two images I’ve created. Since I found it difficult to simply look straight ahead while viewing the images, I have placed the left-side perspective on the right and right-side perspective on the left. To achieve the effect, simply cross your eyes (if you can) and enjoy! After I made my first one, I am blown away by this and it makes me want to play this game in 3D so much more. The textures and lighting on this game are some of the best I’ve ever seen and it is such a beautiful game! I can’t wait to make more from other levels as well! I encourage anyone who finds this to be as enjoyable as I find it to create and post your own 3D images! I used Adobe CS5 to make these, super simple!

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What exactly am I looking at here? These are just jpeg images.
Hitman in VR would be cool as fuck. I would buy VR set only for Hitman if that is made available.
If tomb Rider can be a very game why they can’t make hitman VR?

It’s a pretty neat idea, however 47’s positioning is a bit too far apart in the images for me to focus in properly. Perhaps you should try taking the second shot immediately as you switch shoulder? Should make it a bit easier then.

@Dilbert If you are capable of crossing your eyes manually, you can create a pseudo-3D view by focusing in on stereoscopic images - you basically merge them together.

I crossed eyes to merge both images but I can’t see shit. If I try to concentrate at something on the picture the overlap distorts.

It takes a bit of practice to get it right. I don’t do it very often as it feels a little discomforting.

Do you zoom in cross eye or zoom out cross eye.
I tried both.
Hope that sentence makes sense.

Uh, here’s what helps me for the images above: I open one of them so that both sides take up my screen as much as possible, I lean back as much as possible, then I try to focus the merge on the thing you see farthest away, which is the glass cube house. Eventually it should focus into a single object, you’ll just have to move your eyes slowly around to not disrupt the view.

Yes I do the same. But instead of zooming out I zoom in. Sometimes I cross eye zoom in on my peepee to make it look bigger.

Good to know.

I do wonder how well Hitman would work in VR and whether they would implement a first person view or stick to third person.

It’s not rocket right now. So it won’t look much bigger. But when it becomes bigger it looks more bigger with cross eye zoom in.
I think hitman would look Great in VR. With 1st persona.

I tried making the images originally with the left eye on the left and right eye on the right, but it was more difficult for me to see the psudo 3D image (think “Magic Eye”) so that’s why I went with the cross eye style. I agree that it makes focusing a little difficult, but if you focus on individual characters or structures, you see the 3D effect. If there’s anyone who has more experience with this than myself (honestly, I threw this together very quickly) I would love to see this done better! As far as individual characters and structures being 3D and not the entire image all at once, that’s pretty much how our vision works already, an easy way to demonstrate this is by holding up one finger close to your face and focusing on it. Your finger will appear as one finger, but objects in the background will appear as out of focus duplicates. By focusing on an object farther away, your finger then becomes duplicated and blurry, while the object you focus on is crisp (I hope this makes sense). I originally wanted to make the images as a traditional stereoscopic photograph from the old days. I agree that a VR headset would handle this much better than I have! I would probably buy one as well for the same reason!

First person view would make this incredible as well! :slight_smile:

I think these would work better if 47 were invisible. I can cross my eyes and the background does have some good depth. But the images of 47 (when focusing on the background) seem too far apart. Other than that - awesome idea. :grinning: