Still unable to redeem legacy pack


I have the 2016 hitman through gamepass for Xbox and a disc version of hitman 2, I followed all given directions on how to redeem the legacy pack but when I get redirected to it I get the “legacy pack is unavailable” error
Can someone please help me? On the faq it said that the issue has been resolved but it’s still there for me :frowning: thanks!


I don’t think you can get the Legacy pack when “not really owning” HITMAN.
You need the GOTY version of the game anyway I think.

I’d actually just buy the Legacy Pack, it’s a good price for much content.


I read that the gamepass version does count towards the legacy pack but will see what others say who knows maybe I’m wrong


It would be pretty cool, actually. I hope others can be of more help to you. :slight_smile:
@Travis_IOI maybe?


Thanks! I hope @Travis_IOI can help :slight_smile:


Hi Skyfire. My friend has the same problem. I contacted Xbox support who contacted someone from IOI or WB Games and they told me you have to own Hitman 2 and or buy the legacy pack. Gamepass unfortunately does not count solely because you don’t own the game. You own a subscription that let’s you play the game for free.

In order to use Legacy content without “owning” Season 1 you either purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack “because it’s cheaper then the standard” or you purchase the game. I recommend just spending the $20 for the legacy pack.


Thanks, I’m seeing that the goty pack is not available if I search for it on my Xbox but it does show up if I go to it from hitman 2 itself. Is that a bug or is that how it should be? I want to make sure it works if I buy it


Use it from the game menu, it should direct you to the right item.


Thanks I’ll try at home, how do you access the legacy missions from within hitman 2?


See this:


Hi - I’m new here
I am also having issues with this Legacy Pack - first can someone confirm if I am able to download the pack as part of the Hitman 2 Gold Edition version (no i do not have hitman 1) even if I am unable with the Gold Edition - going through MS Store or within game (hitman 1 or store) I get what others are getting.
“Currently Unavailable” so I can’t download or purchase the season 1 missions to suite Hitman 2.
Is there an ETA on the fix for this problem? I am on Xbox using Xbox one X



HITMAN 2 should have a “Legacy Pack” in the store worth 20 USD. For people who do not own HITMAN.


Thanks, I thought maybe the standard pack too - but it says the same thing for me 'Unavailable" I also though that since I have the Gold Edition I had to go for the GOTY Legacy pack so that Hitman 1 missions could be played within Hitman 2 with additions.


Neither the Standard, Silver, or Gold Editions of HITMAN 2 include the Legacy Pack automatically. The default method to own Legacy Pack is to have bought HITMAN 2016. If you do not wish to spend the 60 USD to own both HITMAN 2016 in its current form and the HITMAN 2 versions of HITMAN 2016 Maps (aka: Legacy Pack), you can instead buy the Legacy Pack only for 20 USD within HITMAN 2. This will result in you owning the Legacy Pack versions of HITMAN 2016 missions but not have HITMAN 2016.

Remember that Legacy Pack is content you can only run within HITMAN 2. It is not a separate game and in spite appearing mostly identical visually to HITMAN 2016 versions of the maps, you cannot run these “HITMAN 2 editions” of the maps in HITMAN 2016.


Thanks for the information - the first game has always been on my Radar to play - just never got to it, I was tossing up between Hitman 1 Definitive edition or just going for Hitman 2 Gold Edition, basically here the Gold edition was $40 more so went for that since I could still play the first ones missions as well - made more sense.
But I am unable to download either versions of the Legacy pack - says the same thing for both options “Currently Unavailable” I have had a look into this issue and seems like its pretty wide spread, I’m OK with purchasing the missions but I can’t even do that for some season.
Do you know if there is a ETA on a fix?


Are you sure you have double checked using this guide?


This is where I believe I fit in:

Do I need HITMAN 2 in order to play the Legacy Pack locations?
Yes. Both of the Legacy Packs can only be played within HITMAN 2. You must own the full version of HITMAN 2 in order to purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack.

I own the full Hitman 2 game - the Gold Edition, I am at a lose as to why I can’t even purchase the pack, I have read some people have re-downloaded the H2 prologue and it worked then - since I’m at work I can’t see if that will work for me - I logged into xbox and it allows me to “Get” the prologue but will have to wait till I get home to install it and see if it gives me access to the Legacy Pack to purchase or download


Try it and if it still does not work you can tag @Travis_IOI


I had the same problem as the original poster. Took me a while but I think I found a solution. Here’s what I did.

Instead of opening the store tab in Hitman 1 as recommended in the instructions, I went to the store directly from the Xbox homepage, typed a search for “Hitman”, and selected the Hitman Legacy Pack result. I was able to download it at no cost from there.

As of right now I’m only halfway through the downloads so I won’t be able to confirm until later if it actually works.

Hope this helps!


Hello everyone
I have both Hitman games GOTY i followed every instructions on Legacy Pack FAQ but i still have problems. I downloaded the legacy pack but Sapienza level is missing, not installed and i dont find it but the pack is installed.What should i do?