Still unable to redeem legacy pack


Hi, I’m having the same problem except I own the physical copy of the original hitman game (Not GOTY edition). Hitman 2 tells me that since I played Hitman I can pop the disc in and download the standard legacy pack, however when I follow the instruction the Xbox store shows me “Hitman - Legacy Pack is currently not available”.

Can someone tell me why, weeks after release I still can’t download it? It’s frustrating!


Try this:


@Wesker That’s still not working unfortunately - I had tried that before but not recently. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Just really want to get it sorted so I can start unlocking things


Has this been resolved yet for Xbox one? I’m still having the same issue with legacy pack currently not available.
I own and have everything installed with the exception of patient zero from the standard edition H1 disc and standard edition H2 digital download.


Found a solution, go onto a different account from the one you installed hitman 2 on go to the store find hitman 2 prologue click get, go onto hitman 1 then go to store and select legacy pack. Should be available then. Worked for me

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So far so good, seems to have worked for me. Great Recommendation Thanks!!


This worked for me as well, thank you for the recommendation :+1:


Finally worked, was chatting to someone at xbox for an hour and half and they couldn’t work out why it was unavailable, and it was unavailable for them to so weird