Still waiting for the winter sports pack


Anyone know if there is something I need to do? I have the collectors edition Gold game.



I’m pretty sure you have to complete all of the challenges in the Hokkaido Snow Festival Mission in order to unlock the winter sports pack.


You might have to download it manually…I think I had to do it on PS4 (also having the Gold Edition). Looked up Hitman 2 in the PS Store and then the winter pack popped up pretty far up the results list. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


You have to go to the PS store if you are on PS4 and type in hitman 2 it will be in the list and then click on it and download it. Once you have downloaded it then restart hitman 2 and it should be there. That is what I had to do.


Winter sport pack, appears and disappears is not stable (inventory) Xbox one


Thanks everyone I did have to go and manually load it. after completing the icato winterfest you get a snow suit outfit which is a little different but I did get that as well thanks everyone for your replies.