Story Appreciation Thread (Main Writer Michael Vogt Especially)


Can I just say (and try to get a consensus) on how well done the story is done in Season 1? From a cutscene only perspective for now.

The lead writer has a real handle on 47 and Diana’s motivations and relationship. And for the first time seems to understand that it doesn’t have to be shown, told, or even implied directly. Just that the man penning the script needs to understand and be deliberate with every character’s action and word without showing his hand/character sheet to us. There’s so many non-verbal cues in these scenes. And notice we rarely see 47 from the front in these cutscenes now. That’s a deliberate shift. In the airport scene, the camera refuses to cross the line where we see more of 47’s face than Diana’s.

My main gripe with video game storytelling is the more you tell the smaller the world gets. To create a mysterious world held in this atmosphere you need to tease and show snippets and ultimately create questions as oppose to answering them (as frustrating as it is to be a fan of sometimes). The mind does the rest. Think of some video game series you like – often the first title left you wanting more because so much appeared untold. Then when it’s given to you ham fisted this happened then and this happened here, this person is called this and that, it’s suddenly smaller even though there’s more content because everything is told.

We’ve been given question after question here, characters we don’t know the names of or what organizations they represent, so much so that suddenly the world seems far bigger, intimidating and mysterious again. I never in a million years thought Hitman could recover from the behind the shoulder scope of Absolution.

I always favored going back to the Blood Money model. As great as 47 is, to put him at the centre of the game’s storytelling world narrows the scope and tells things from behind his eyes – the world is smaller because it’s just one narrow perspective. Yet to do the exact opposite and tell it all over the place still has the same world shrinking effect because it tells too much. What we have here is something brilliant: it alludes to a bigger world, doesn’t identify its participants or its scale (instead shrouds it in an atmospheric mist of sorts), and makes us understand that people like 47 are nothing but pawns. There are dozens of agents like him we’ll never meet. He’s special to us but ultimately no where near as significant in the grand scheme of things.

There’s a mist, no clarity. Something happening above that us normal folk aren’t meant to fully grasp yet. In closing, if every detail of a story could be listed on a wiki then ultimately it appears and feels smaller because we know everything. If writers don’t feed the wiki mentality and instead let us debate what’s been carefully revealed to us, the stories become beasts bigger than they actually are penned to be. The longer we can preserve that here, the better off this rendition of Hitman will be.


Well said :slight_smile:


Meh. It’s just a generic spy-thriller (tacked onto a comedy). Nothing I haven’t seen before—done better in movies, done better in books. 47 might as well have a white circle where his face is, as he’s got zero personality in this game, hasn’t learned a thing from the previous times The Agency was compromised.

Though, in saying that, it’s still a thousand times better than Absolution’s “story.”


In my opinion the story isn’t developed enough (yet).


Can understand that. Delicate line though – how to give 47 that little more breathing room without compromising the character. I’d do it how it’s been implied before in Blood Money. 47 has a Persian carpet in his hideout in that game. It’s a oddly specific thing. Many mention his bird or the rabbit he had in the asylum, when I go right for the Persian carpet or the vintage wine he supposedly enjoys. Says so much about him without having to give him a little girl to shepherd around. But when is too little in fact too little?

47’s personality is the Mise-En-Scene as opposed to full frontal motivations. Seems there’s no in between. Too little in some eyes, or too much (Absolution esque).


My main gripes with the story is how vogt sold it before release. That each season would be a selfcontained story.

What is the story of season 1? Soders is mad for some reason. Then he dies when he sees you at the hospital. (how did that opportunity pass QA? It’s just so… Ugh)

10/10 script


This does make sense: Soders has a weak heart, and if he sees you at the hospital he would know you have been sent to hunt him because he double crossed the ICA. The shock therefore gives him a heart attack.


That’s why there’s multiple seasons. It’s all 1 story.






What story? :grin:

As some have mentioned before, its a generic spy-thriller, throwing names and never being clear about whats happening.
Soooo mysterious, oooooooh :unamused:

Dont get me wrong its amusing and fun to watch and miles better than the filth that was Abso…abso… that “thing”

It just isn’t very interesting in the grand scheme of things.
Plus i am worried since it seems they will be touching up on the origins of 47, and i dont trust them with that,

At least if it turns out to be terrible i can ignore the story and focus on the gameplay/maps


It’s really obvious that they created the story with at least two Seasons in mind I’m assuming that they had some sort of emergency plan in case Season 2 wouldn’t have been greenlighted. Still there’s no way the story could’ve come to an satisfying ending within only one season of six missions.


I would say that it’s a bit too early to judge Vogt as harshly as some of you are. Let us see how it all unfolds in the coming two seasons. We’ve only played the ‘first act’ (IO’s own words), and they specifically said that this season, the story was about establishing a bunch of new characters and giving you a sense of 47 being back doing what he does best.

If you know about three act structures, you also know that the first act is just about setting everything up, while act two and three things could potentially get way more interesting. I predict that the story will be a lot more important in the two future seasons.

The first season got my attention and interest especially through the prospect of going further into 47’s mysterious past. If it’s done right with taste and intelligence, and not underestimating their audience, I still believe that this could potentially become a very solid storyline.


The story for season 1 has a good set up that has potential so far. Although it’s nothing original (but let’s face it - originality is kind of rare these days) it’s well written and has me engaged. So kudos to Vogt and here’s hoping he can keep it up.


While I’m glad you and a lot of other people enjoyed the story, I for one did not.

Nothing is stand out unique, as others have said it’s very generic. Being completely honest, I think the story of this game is extremely poor. Most of the talk about this story being amazing is simply because they are reading soooo much into 2 minute cutscenes, due to the fact that they have this ONE cutscene for months on end waiting for the next one.

That’s just my opinion, I liked what I saw but didn’t like how little we got of it and how gameplay focused this game was. I want both a good story and good gameplay, not tit-bits of espionage mist.


Never have i been more triggered. But Since the subject Matter is highly subjective i have to bite the bullet.


I don’t think the story is really anything that special, but I thought the same for every other Hitman game I played. While I would appreciate a great main story, it’s really not why I play the game.


He clearly does not have a handle on this relationship. Every line feels like Spoon fed. Back in BM days Diana was a solid character with her motives even hidden from the audience (This Shows good writing). 47’s Character was cold hard and solid. It was clear that it took effort to break this guy into action. A real motivation was required to make a move out of him and not like a hired dog of the agency that he is now. It was clear that he cared less about the agency or the board and trust was settled to few people. You knew you cant fool 47 or Diana that easy. They were a solid team who learned faster from their mistakes and tried to take several steps ahed from the enemy. It was as awesome transition from story of Hitman 2 where they were framed and then fast forward to BM it was shown how diana is much smarter and was few steps ahed of the enemy from the start.
These James bond movie ripoff characters are the dumb slow idiots. Who have to spell out whats going on to each other and meet in person about a matter which was painfully obvious and could be done over the phone. This meeting can rather compromise their discretion even more.
(remember when in BM she met 47 in the church confession booth and 47 complained about how meeting in person was a dumb move and she had to explain why)
No. None of that.
Its a big ass joke to me when someone says Vogt understood their relationship.

For the rest i agree with you that Lore building is well done. The bigger story/lore is integrated well in the dialogues and environment and not like crystal clear open book.
Yet the part of the cut-scenes are painful and the Lore itself is not that good (Only the integration is). Which brings me to the point that the problem is in the writer. If it was a better writer, the lore and the environmental story telling would have been made a much better use of.


I would absolutely love to dwell into 47’s past as well. But This Writer showed his unworthy potential when he made either a stupid decision or a mistake to rule out the proper timeline events of the First game.
(Pointing out to Soder’s Dialouge “The place is real enough, deserted. But we found no trace that your man was ever there. or anyone for that matter” Diana: Someone erased his steps")

Keeping in mind that During the entire events of Codename 47 (Which happened supposedly after the training) the facility was operational with Diana and Agent Smith both helping 47 out and also in the 3rd game Contracts even in the aftermath facility was shown as operational with staff and mad patients.


Even Contracts isn’t reliable in canon terms during gameplay within the levels, as 47 is feverish and in and out of consciousness resulting in a distortion of his memories. Which is a great format to revamp the codename 47 levels and make them a little different. The connection with Curtains Down in Blood Money to his state in Contracts is really the only ‘canon’ part we can definitively take from that game imo.