Story/lore discussion [spoilers]


One thing I really hate is the Illuminati/Providence plot. Probably a coincidence but this thing plays a major role in Deus Ex games as well. There are a couple similarities i noticed -
-The table meeting without being present at the place is present in DX: Mankind Divided too :joy:
2. A character Janus goes by the same and plays a big role in the story of MD

Not at all saying IO copied it from that or anything though :smile: Imo it’s as stupid there too. Also the Constant guy did horrible acting in this one. The targets and in game dialogue on the other hand couldn’t get better


yeah i’m wondering why they made the VA do the newer voice. it might be the voice directors who told him to sound more “evil”, or maybe he just forgot how to do the voice


People deal with drama, problems, and various $hit every day, and the last thing they want is to see more of that when they launch Hitman. That’s why Hitmans before Aboslution were so good - they avoided any of this. Just a contract, a briefing, an accident, and cash on the account. Both Diana and 47 were detached, professional, and really neutral, out of the drama, and got their job done. Simple. Quite a relief compared to one’s daily life. Just you, focused, with ‘Apocalypse’ playing in the background, instead of hearing “Rocco, Rocco! Get down here…” for the fiftieth bloody time.

As for the shadow client’s motivation, as I mention in another post, it doesn’t really make sense. Eliminating the world elite will just make the power shift to someone else, who was on the second place before. As for the payback for the Ort-Meyer project, those partners from Providence who authorized it may be dead already, and if not, killing the current ones won’t make other billionaires suddenly stop doing nasty things. Therefore this is just plain anger-relieving type of mission, which is so unlike 47.


so i just found a voice recording in Delgado’s basement. there’s an interrogation chair and blood everywhere.
the voice recording is of Rico killing Oscar Wong. hmm, where have i heard an Oscar Wong before?

Oscar Wong is the architect that designed Alma Reynard’s beach house! i believe that’s only mentioned in the Microsoft store page for the Nightcall level, and really makes me wonder why Rico had to kill Oscar? he’s just an architect


Yeah if there is anything that the level taught me is that Rico does things for Rico and that is his excuse. He is not the sort of guy that cares about people who are not useful to him. Also I am pretty sure Wong was not killed the some of the exterior guards mention they used the Vanisher’s mentalist skills on him.


He’s working for the Ether cooperation in Johannesburg. It wasn’t (just) torture but an interrogation. The probably erased his memories and then let him go because a high-ranking Ether member missing/dead would alert Providence.

We later see the SC raiding the Ether HQ and stealing the serum that restores 47’s memories. So that was probably the reason behind the kidnapping and interrogation.


He implies in the torture track that he still remembers working for Ether though. He doesn’t say “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he says “Do you know what they’d do to me if I talked?”

I think it’s pretty weird that we have an Ether scientist Oscar Wong and a celebrity architect Oscar Wong. Maybe it’s two different Oscar Wongs. Or maybe it’s just a mistake: it could be the name of a friend of someone at IOI and they decided to name an NPC after them, and then forgot and did it again later on to another NPC.


I think the torturer is that enforcer guy who’s walking around in the room with the surveillance equipment.


My theory is that Rocco finally put pants on and is the head of Providence. The three families look up to him for guidance. It will all come together.


honestly would be fine with Rocco eventually becoming a big character in the story lol


Also would explain why Janus’ coffin had a tracker.


At this point I would be ok if Agent Smith was the final target. The shadow client is fucking awesome.


Oh so they really left the whole clone thing behind? But that doc and DNA from several most dangerous psychopaths (now somehow members of secret society?) is still there.

I mean I get it perhaps is silly. But so were the two movies. And it is alarming when actuall game lore starts to mimic the movies. Which got it mostly very wrong.

BTW I always loved that strange and disturbing nature of the clones, I would not mind to have some lure in the shadows to try to hunt 47.

The intrique of Diana’s fam. getting killed is kinda interesting, but leave her alone already =D it almost reminds me of the “intrigue” of absolution and the whole Diana plot. And by that I mean needless and forced. Wha’s next? She is his sister?

The big disease of today’s media is that writers seem unable to do small story and everything has to be about world moving super complex plot, which barely works in the end or is just lolzy.

Soon we gonna get ending with blue lazer shooting up to the sky before big explosion of a city and I’m done. =D

I mean you have precious little mysterious character that offs people who actually deserve it and he does so not out of selfdefense. He has a past that explains why he can do it. The glue to hold all that together does not have to be an earth sized cospiracy. And I say that as somebody who finds lots of conspiracy “theories” very plausable.

Look at John Wick, the best hitman movie(s), without actual 47 there is. Tiny tiny plot. And what I found always cool on 47 was that he, unlike most of anti/heroes Wick included, was not driven by reveange or even sense of justice. But just like John Wick, 47 is the boogie man. The man, that Dexter looks under his bed for, before he goes to sleep.

Using minimalism in the story and writing, since you prettymuch nailed the gameplay, would also serve in the future, to save you some money. Smoke, mirrors and mrReaper doing some cleaning.

I’d go maybe even so far to say, that there is no other way, but to keep the story vague, minimalistic and mysterious. Because if one makes a hit, and then tries to outdo it, with the same formula, only lauder, it becomes a self parody, or just cringe festival, which Hitman still isn’t, thankfully. But as an example look at Taken franch. =D

I’m just glad it is not Absolution2, I take that the game as a nightmare sequence. 47 had, after he spend entire weekend playing splintercell.

Keep shadowclient forever illusive, evil lurkiing in the bacground, never explain it.


Yeah, I’ve never really cared about the over arching story of any hitman game, just the small stories within each level/mission. That’s why blood money was so good - each contract was exactly that: a contract. No conspiracy, no illuminati, just pay me and anyone you want is dead. You should feel like an actual employee of the ICA, just getting contracts and recieving money for them. That’s real Hitman.

I realize BM did have it’s own story, but the targets were largely unrelated, or at least felt that way.

I miss the in-game currency


Having just finished the campaign, I really hope they aren’t setting up Diana to betray 47 or anything like that. :disappointed_relieved: Because then I feel as if we are on a slippery slope, and hope we don’t start nearing mutant mexican luchadore and his Cowboy business man boss.


Don’t know about the new story, it’s like it needs both more and less at the same time. Not feeling the stuff about 47 as a child and the various similar interchangeable shady organisations and men in boardrooms in the cutscenes.

I think I prefer it when the story is the story of the level, and the overarching thing is kept simple , like the movement of 47 vs the movement of other factions like interpol, russian spys, american intelligence etc.


I guess I’m in the minority but I liked that 47 killed Diana’s parents. They’re at the peak of their relationship, now its gonna be really rocky.

I always assumed that something dramatic happened to her as a child.


If you read the rest of that file, the dramatic thing that happened was that her father died.

Her backstory in Absolution is not the same as her retconned backstory in the comics/Hitman 2.


Quite. I don’t mind complex, sophisticated plots, but as I mentioned in another discussion, having a mastermind behind everything takes out this uniqueness. Having independent entities in the universe ehnances competition and makes the story more interesting (like Franchise, for example).

Yes, Blood Money has it’s own story - a competition with a rival agency, but it’s happening in the cutscenes between missions, and towards the end, you are actually involved in the story, but just as you mentioned - as an ICA employee. This was thing I fancied very much - you are ICA, outside the system, outside the drama, just doing your job (“I can do whatever I’m paid to.”).

The story in 2016 and 2018 is not bad, but suddenly you are the main character (the center of the drama), and trying to focus the story/drama around an emotionless, cold-blooded assassin (for which we all love(d) him) may be a bit of an over-stretch.

And the money system was something I still miss. Personally I don’t get off from counting points and hunting challenges. The challenges, opportunities, and ways to kill were always there, if you’ve found them - good for you, you’ve made your life easier. But the money felt more real as a reward for an assassin, and they could’ve been spent to purchase and improve equipment you actually needed (or liked, if you are a shotgun-type assassin) from the ICA shop. Receive a weapon or a piece of equipment just because you’ve completed a mission for the 6th time and did things like shooting both targets with a canon or doing something out of your style, just to gather enough points to move up a level, seems illogical to me.


Um did y’all forget that main objective for The Franchise was to kill 47 and extract his spinal fluid or whatever so they could crack the code to making their own perfect clones? The Blood Money plot was absolutely centred around 47. And he was so mad about it that he literally didn’t care if he died.

Honestly a lot of you need to go back and replay Blood Money cos Hitman 2 is basically Blood Money 2 but y’all have your nostalgia goggles on so you can’t see it.

At this stage IO could literally make Blood Money again and you’d all be like eh it should be like Blood Money