Story/lore discussion [spoilers]


Same here, I just finished it as well, and did not see that coming, seriously hope they don’t go the route you just described, or else we may have 47 going rogue, AKA another “Absolution”. I miss when things were more simple. The missions weren’t connected, there were no personal motivations for each mission, etc. It was just you, as 47, out in the field, doing your latest assignment like any other day at the office, so to speak. That’s honestly why I prefer the contracts mode over the story mode.


I completely agree. I always thought 47’s lack of characterization besides being cold, calculating, and professional was when he was at his best. I do like how he is talking more in-game in H2 but you figured they would have learned their lesson. Please no more personal quests which try to “humanize” 47. :worried:
Sadly, I also miss his private eye monologues from Silent Assassin and Contracts but I can understand them doing away with that.


Yes, I totally agree.


They’ve expanded it, essentially it’s a multi-facted program that Ortmeyer was running:

  1. His cloning project with the Five Fathers
  2. His generic assassin training program (with Providence and the Five Fathers)
  3. His specialist mind manipulation tricks (with Providence)

The idea is that Providence operatives always operate through another faction anyway and that due to an event in the comics, Ortmeyer had to change facilities and became significantly more obsessed with 47.

By “today’s” I assume you mean “since the invention of the serial” in the 17th century…

That doesn’t add up if you actually follow the games - 47 did his first “because justice” rescues in Codename 47, got revenge on Ortmeyer at the end of Codename 47, had a speech about becoming an instrument of justice in Silent Assassin, etc. Because with a strong, relateable motivation there’s no reason to get invested in the outcome of an event.

John Wick’s motivation is the literal manifestation of the “kick the dog” revenge trope. Hence why there is the greatest shirt ever made:

Also part of the reason people love the John Wick movies is the lore that expanded out so far - and they’re looking forward to getting more reveals in the new movie.


Based off the current pacing, I would expect Hitman 3/Season 3 will probably provide some sort of closure to the Providence issue, while leaving everything open for another ultra-powerful secret society to pop in if they still have enough interest and funding to make a 4th game etc.

If nothing else, they’ll have the easy possibility of making future games feature former Providence operatives forming their own groups, working for new masters, etc. The idea being to make long term players feel satisfied with a development while keeping it accessible to new players.

Personally I’m expecting that there is going to be some sort of comparison of The Shadow Client to background of The Constant in the next season, to emphasie an interest in 47 coming from him not having a background like any other figures (Diana being comparable to the modern day Constant)


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Franchise’s primary objective was to eliminate competition, an 47 with it. Every Franchise operative was trying to kill you throughout the game. Yes, it was Alexander’s wet dream to extract 47’s bone marrow, but they knew it was a long shot to actually capture 47. The opportunity presented itself only after Diana went for her little defection trick.

I don’t think 47 thought that they are after him because of his cloning potential, but rather because he is simply the best. In either case, he didn’t care (as he said to Smith: “They can have it, I don’t play politics.”), but he didn’t come to a point when he wouldn’t care if he lives or not.


It was, in fact, the entire point of the exercise since Cain was the head of the Franchise and had gone all in on the venture - to the extend that one funeral massacre later 47 had effectively eliminated the entire Franchise. All of the dialog in the interviews, the ambient dialog, etc is all about how if The Franchise can keep cloning research illegal (hence assassinating the President who wants to make it legal) and capture 47 - they can build their own private army of super assassin soldiers who will work loyally and be superior to regular hires in every way.

The entire plot centred around 47 and his being a super clone.


Literally the entire game is about this. Every single cutscene is Cayne telling us about 47’s missions, about how he needs to get 47, about how dangerous 47 is cos of cloning tech (though he wants it for himself) - that’s the entire plot.

47 spends the whole game telling anyone who will listen that he cares about absolutely nothing. Telling people he has no friends, doesn’t care about cloning, doesn’t care about politics, doesn’t care when Diana says she’s gonna get killed next, doesn’t care when she tells him there’s 100 guys outside his door ready to kill him.

The guy is a dramatic ass throughout the whole game - which makes sense as he’s just lost Father Vittorio so decides having friends and living a quiet life is impossible for him.

Diana literally has to stab the guy in the neck with a sedative, saying “you would have fought them anyway and you would have lost” cos 47 is being reckless. He doesn’t care about a thing, he doesn’t even try to be tactical. He just no longer gives a fuck by the end.


Alright, point taken. I can’t say that plot wasn’t centered around 47’s genes, but still I don’t think it was Franchise’s top agenda (more like Cayne’s and especially Parchezzi’s obsession, as he was about to die soon). It just sounds that way because the Cayne’s adjusted story, which is the only source of information for us in the game, was fabricated to feed Rick the reporter, in order to persuade his readers not to support cloning.

Because he doesn’t. The only thing he cares about is his purpose in life - to carry out contracts and getting paid. It’s what he does best. He knows that people around him eventually get hurt, so he keeps to himself, and he is content that way. He made his peace with this after he’s left Gontranno.

Yes, because he was outnumbered, and she had more sophisticated plan in mind than just shooting and garroting all of them. An he wasn’t reckless, he took that file from Diana and started asking questions about that wheelchair guy’s whereabouts. As he said in Absolution - I never did believe in running.


Yeah but that wasn’t the case before. He has a huge shift in attitude from Silent Assassin to Blood Money, specifically because people around him get hurt, so he cuts everyone off. He is super angry all through Blood Money, and that’s why. Because he can’t escape his life. If you listen to his speech at the end of Silent Assassin, it’s clear he’s not content with it. “I’ll choose the truth I like” cos I have no other options now.

I mean, otherwise there would be no reason for him to act the way he does in Blood Money.

He was super reckless thinking he could take down 100 SWAT guys. Literally 100. But he’s like yeah whatever.

Anyway, my entire point about this is that Blood Money’s storyline and style is not far off what we get in Hitman 2, and yet people hold up Blood Money as this pinnacle of Hitman storytelling.

In Blood Money, we have a shadowy organisation posing a threat, a storyline which is largely told through cutscenes instead of in game, and a 47 the writers go out of their way to show as not fitting into the world like other people. It’s the exact same thing in Hitman 2.


I disagree but it’s just a matter of different perspectives. 47 was pretty much trapped in a corner and saw shooting his way out as his only option and it really was until Diana came along.


I really think the “you would have fought them whatever I said and you would have lost” really shows us that it didn’t matter what options Diana gave him, 47 was going to go ahead and get shot anyway without listening to alternatives.

Otherwise she could have explained things to him instead of injecting him with his back turned. She says “you try to do it alone and you’re a dead man” and he’s like “death is always a risk” I mean 47 my dude love the drama but could you chill for two seconds and listen lol

But yeah we can agree to disagree, like you said it’s just a matter of perspectives.


I doubt he would’ve agreed to Diana’s plan. He’d see it as too “iffy” at best and I think she knew it. What if she gets delayed or forbidden from the funeral? What if they dig deeper and discover he’s not really dead? At the time, 47 would have seen too many ways for her plan to go wrong.


Maybe! Personally, I just don’t think it’s presented to the player that way.


I agree with that. Overall story presentation could’ve used some work.


Going off this logic and interpretation despite minor retcons, the whole lore could still fit somewhat seamlessly. With The 5 fathers still funding and then later cutting off Ort-Meyer but Providence still funding him.
When you put it that way it honestly doesn’t sound as jarring.