Story/lore discussion [spoilers]


Hes Number 47, because he has 47 Chromosons, according to Ortmeyers Rant in Codename 47.

Funfact: 47 Chromosons would give you probably somekind of Super-Downsyndrome, not super-assassin-skills!


so subject 6 has 6 chromozomes? =D


Well apparently he’s not, same reason why 81 has brown eyes.

And subject 81 has 81 chromozomes?


Plot was rushed. In two cutscenes game made a backheel and we began attacking Providence again.

Personal motivation for 47 even with comic books does not have any gravity at all. Should have at least made a level out of Romania cutscene.


Perhaps Subject 6 is not a clone. Just a boy taken from a British family and given the same training as the clones.


Thanks man, nowadays it is really hard to find a guy who remember the story of the first game.


Agreed. Maybe not a full level but at least something like the tornado shelter, where you walk around the area and interact with stuff.

Or, as I suggested before, play the cut scene where 47 is at the Asylum, after the second mission but change the plot so that the SC is no longer there. Instead 47 has some flashbacks while walking through the area and starts to remember his time at the Institue and Subject 6. Then after the third mission he confronts the SC in Berlin, where he reveals himself to be Subject 6. That way it would’ve felt less rushed.


Maybe he wasn’t fine with the idea of Diana kissing him on the lips. He never did get a say in that matter. Lei Ling made the same mistake so next time he saw her he let her rot in some castle high up in the mountains.


Heeeey, you can take her and fly into the sunset in Hayamoto’s chopper. That’s what I usually do!


Really? Guess I’m the only one who just shoots her. just kidding…only did that twice. :wink:


Let’s make an overview of the Ort-Meyer creations. Feel free to add/edit, because I don’t know if I’m getting everything right here. You can also add info categories that may seem interesting to you.

Ort Meyer’s creations in chronological order:

Some failed, unnamed specimens before 47
Seen in: Mentioned during H:C47 tutorial
Status: Presumed dead
Funded by: Five fathers

Seen in: All the games
Status: Alive and kicking ass
Funded by: Five fathers
Name explanation: Chromosomes

Seen in: Alive and killed in “Meet your Brother”, dead in “Asylum Aftermath”
Status: Dead, killed by 47 in “Meet your Brother”
Funded by: Providence (it’s confirmed the five fathers pulled the funding at some point, and Providence stepped in after. It’s clear the five still funded 47 (they even funded genes), and the only other thing Ort-Meyer still managed between 47 and his death were the 48s))
Name explanation: Chromosomes

48s still in suspension containers
Seen in: “Meet your Brother” and “Asylum Aftermath”
Status: Unknown
Funded by: Providence
Name explanation: Chromosomes

Agent 17
Seen in: “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin”
Status: Killed in St Petersburg Revisted
Funded by: Providence (my theory being that Agent 17 is one of the series 48 that got released from a suspension chamber that was still intact.)
Name explanation: 17 was a name given to him by Sergei, not Ort-Meyer

Lukas Grey aka Subject 6


Erich Soders mentioned that they couldn’t find anything in Romania, implying that Providence might have been protecting Ortmeyer. This is supported by The Setup, when the asylum seems to be a functioning institution.
When Sergei Zavorotko and the Mystery Man (presumably The Constant) arrived, the bodies of the security were still there, but somebody had removed all of the clones. And yet, they find Number 17 in suspended animation, wake him up, and use him to kill 47. So my theory is that Providence cleaned up the clones but when the Constant knew there was some kind of play to be made, approached Zavorotko with the news of his brother’s death. They investigated his ship, found cloning documents which the Constant planted there (otherwise the police would have found it during a forensic analysis), and used that to get Zavorotko to go to the asylum. There, the Constant has had the clones removed but 17 left for them to ‘find’ upon arrival. The rest is manipulating Zavorotko into getting 47 out of retirement, though I’m not sure why because Providence didn’t seem to have an interest in him. Unless they wanted to use 17 to clean up the evidence of the experiments (and then Providence can kill 17 and Zavorotko, and close the book on the whole affair).

And if you’re wondering why the Constant/Mystery Man didn’t recognise 47 in Hitman Season 2 (until prompted), it’s probably because he’s manipulated so many people that their faces all blur into one.


So I’ve just finished the game but I’m pretty sure I saw someone comment the other day about Diana finding out it was 47 who killed her parents.

Intrigued to see where the story goes from here.


Diana fights The Illusiv— The Constant then gets shot and then 47 defeats him and has to decide the fate of cloning and the galaxy. :grin: Just messing around I really liked ME2.


“House of cards” Is my favorite place in the citadel! - Agent N7


I would like to see how agent 6 looks like with bald head, could some one manage that with an editor ?
Would be a great Idea if he will team up with ICA in future as a baldy with barcode.
Does he has same gens from the 5 fathers ?


I’m probably reading too much into it, but I’m going to do it anyway because I love over analysing things: I notice that the Constant wears his Providence pin on his right lapel, where as Janus wear his on the left. There are two interpretations to this that I can think of.

One is that lapel pins are typically worn on the left to signify that they represent a cause close to the heart. So if The Constant was originally an enemy of Providence who Janus turned to work for them, he may wear it on the right to show that this is just business, he has no emotional investment.

Two is that traditionally at certain parades, civilians may wear medals of deceased/absent family members - but are expected to wear them on the right hand side. So The Constant wearing his pin on the right could signify his taking the position due to close connection with Janus, but never feeling the position was really “his”.

Either way works with the information that we have in that The Constant “hated power until you given some” and “do you think you could possibly feel more betrayed than I do” when they frame Janus as the real Shadow Client.

Maybe. The comic leaves it quite ambiguous as to whether all of Ort-Meyers children are clones or whether there was a mix of them - the primary goal seems to have been for him to create the ultimate (and completely loyal and untraceable) super assassin for Providence to use. He could be a clone or an orphan being used as “control” in the experiments.

Number Six will have a barcode on the back of his head just like 47 did, but that is largely because Ortmeyer treated them all as experiments and maintained absolute control over their lives at all times, so the barcodes reenforced that.


Robert Knox wears his Pin also on the right Collar


Generally I don’t buy into this Providence intrusion into Ort-Mayer project, it just made everything more confusing. Original 5 fathers story was juust fine. Sometimes the less is more.

The style of the cutscenes is quite okay, I don’t mind it, but as mentioned, the story is the flat tire of this. The entire ‘who the hell I am’ thing again.

Additionally I don’t like how is 47 “lost” in all of this. Again. He had his moments in Silent Assassin, he made a friend, was full of hope, lost a friend, went suicidal (by getting paid exceptionally well), rescued a friend, understood who he is and what kind of life he needs to live. He made his peace with himself, end of story. He doesn’t want to get personal, and neither do we.

In some cutscenes (especially in the later ones), I don’t even know he’s there. 6 and Diana finish talking and 47 says something between “It’s all blurry.” and “Yeah, let’s kill them all.”

We know him as someone who always had a tight grip on things, someone capable, someone we could’ve relied on. I think the essence of Hitman is slowly diminishing. I know it’s IO’s aim to make him more human, but I’m not sure about that decision.


It’s funny cos I feel IO made a deliberate effort to avoid 47 being a central character in this narrative by doing just that. Yet it seems to have had the opposite effect.