Story Mission Guidance

Mission Story Guidance

In regards to Mission Story Guidance is there any option or addon that removes the Guide Objectives that are still tracked in the top left of the screen after you select the story?

The reason this is important is because when I turn Mission Story Guidance to Off, you actually miss some of Diana’s immersive dialogue - such as the Mission Story itself in the menu screen, but also dialogue in the game itself!

Example: In the mission of Mumbai, India - Diana will actually have dialogue where the actor is via tracking his cellphone. This is dialogue that you simply uncover as you walk toward the location itself. With Mission Story Guidance off, you miss this dialogue completely.

There are countless of examples of this happening within all the maps and story objectives in the game.

To me personally, this ruins the immersion a tad because although I do want to solve these completely myself, I do enjoy Diana speaking throughout the mission and giving me a sense of recognition for my actions. Of course I can leave minimal on, but that still doesn’t solve the issue of the Guide Objectives telling me every next step. I.e. Get a disguise, get an item, go to the person, rig the equipment, etc.

It’s of course better than the obvious waypoints when guidance is set to on, but minimal still holds your hand too much, and turning it off completely removes portion of dialogue from Diana.

The player should feel more immersed with the guidance off, than minimal or on - and that simply isn’t the case. You lose big portions of texts and story development between the setting and characters.

So ya, any addon to remove the green hints on the top left but still keep stories set to minimal would be the ideal solution - if it exists…


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