Story mode Hitman 3, additional idea

Hi everyone,

I read & heard something about an Story mode in Hitman3, that actions from 1 mission have consequences for the next missions.

Something like that IOI had tried a bit with “Hitman Blood Money” but not really achieved.

An idea / small addition for this Story mode to

  1. connect missions tactically, immersively

  2. To discourage reloading after reloading to get the perfect score, this idea will people to concentrate very much and to live with the consequences. No reloading in sake of perfect score anymore.

  3. Decisions and consequences matter, cant be undone with reloading, also an old school “Game Over” is possible in Story mode.

How to achieve this:

A. Difficulty level freely customizable like in Dishonored 2, 4 developer designed difficulty level and difficulty customization with 20 or more adjustable factors.

Be inspirited from “Dishonored 2” version, its absolutely fantastic in that matter!

B. Depending on difficulty level, maximum of allowed reloads, not saves!!

C. For the rating “Silent Assassin” you get +2 reload for hard mode, + 1 reload for expert mode (no extra reload points in hitman mode) in this Story mode for the following missions.

D. Rating system back like in “Hitman Blood Money”, back then it was much better received in comparison to Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018), all of my friends m, companions think this way about this). Back then all got received with a newspaper story, with noice / force rating and an name like “Professional”, “Rowdy”, “Man in black”, “Specialist” etc… All playstyle got recognition, some kind of admiration.

Now its being “Silent Assassin” or nothing. That made many actions and kill methods quite unfun. Like using explosives.

I dont want that explosives get rated as Silent Assassin, not at all.

Just the same recognition then as Rowdy, Professional, specialist etc…

Even its no perfect kill method, its not “nothing”.

The points and stars in Hitman 1 & 2 (2018) interest nobody. Its the story piece, newspapers and naming of the Hitman Blood Money, that we want back! :slight_smile:

Idea is that it sets a completely new tension on the player.

on easy mode: unlimited reloads

on normal mode: unlimited reloads

on hard mode: 7 reloads (dont waste them just because a guard has seen you, of course you are allowed to do it, but reload only when you die, everything else means “shit happens”. All missions scores get added together, and then you get your average score. Like with school subjects. In math you have mark A, in english B, in sports A, etc… --> average mark / score between A and B.

on expert mode: 5 reloads

on hitman mode: 0 reloads (dying even only once means “Game Over”, back to start with mission 1). Hitman 1 missions: 6 maps, Hitman 2 missions: 6 maps (+ 2 map additions), Hitman 3: also 6 maps? —> 20 maps and not a single allowed reload, :slight_smile: .

Since you are not allowed to reload you have to play the maps on hitman mode in 1 go.

Start an hitman mode run if you have the necessary spare time to play it through in 1 go, to avoid frustration.

But it gets your heart pumping like crazy! A real thriller. The reloading custom / habit, to reload for every little mistake will be part of the paat. At least up from “hard mode”.

Limited reloads, or even no reloads at all will change player behaviour. You wont go for the most stylish hitman kill, that is very difficult to achieve. But for the kill method that is the easiest way to achieve the kill, and without victims and witnesses.

Go for the least trial&error heavy way, to avoid reloads.

You wont reload for every little mistake you make, you would have to live with it.

Under these conditions the “human shield” move / feature wpuld fit into the game. Because with only 7 allowed reloads and the truth that "shit happens Agent47 would do whatever it is necessary to turn the ide back into his favour.

Into this Story (Immersive mode) mode some neglected features would fit into Hitman 3:

  1. Human shield

  2. magazine swopping / exchanging instead of magical ammonition adding. Agent47 should have magazine usage like in EFT, would be cooler / more immersive.

  3. AI, that is capable of teamplay team effort, maneveur. The AI in “Splinter Cell Blacklist” was quite good for an stealth game. Hitman could benwfit from its leading role / good example.

  4. Melee should look like in “Splinter Cell Conviction”: realistic, brutal, fluid and effective. Ragdoll effect ms in “Splinter Cell Conviction” were fantastic, looking realistic and very responsive. Replace the current melee quick time ecmvent like melee system, with an 3 key bound system. 3 keys, attack ok legs, chest or head height. The melee system of Splinter Cell Conviction had so many different animations for every possible angle, situation etc… JUST WOW!!

Would fit imo into Hitman 3.

  1. Recoil system more responsive, instead of widening cross hair with more shots, it should have an recoil system / principle like in “Rainbow Six Siege 2015 - 2016 Version”. Hitmans supposed to have gameplay experience would benefit from these listed features. The limited reload system in combination with the improved shooter aspects woul mean that an hitman player could enjoy all aspects of the game.

“Shit happens” means a lot in an social and light&shadows stealth game like Hitman 3. Stealth is very punishing, you fail a lot. But the limited reloads + upgraded shooter aspect of Hitman would make even failing in Stealth fun and give it tension.

Gunfights would have the unique purpose to escape and using social stealth again to get close to target. Not raw force.

  1. Movements and closing / opening doors should be realistic like in “Splinter Cell Blacklist” .

More Immersion, more gameplay depth, that is still rather intuitive in its use.

The heart pumping feeling of an almost detection, during being in an restricted / hostile gets more intense with limited reloads and the other mentioned features.

  1. Guard disarment move like in “Hitman Blood Money” should come back —> more Immersion, more tension.

  2. Like in game “Splinter Cell Chaos Theory” you should be able to interrogate guards, special persons, also special civilians.

  3. Limited health, and first-help sets in rest rooms etc., money vaults, so Agent47 can get some extra,

  4. During Human shield he can interrogate person, kill him via neck break (longer animation) or pistol (fast) shot or throwing victim down a cliff, a floor etc…

  5. A mini camera like in “Splinter Cell Chaos Theory”, replacing x-ray vision with an realistic immersive tool!!! Replace all gamey features with immersive, believable, realistic features!! Hitman should be cool, badass, not a silly kmjoke. Take your own game serious so we customers can take it serious and the story as well!

  6. Doors close not on their own, guards notice open / closed doors that shouldnt be. Doors with auto closing mechanism like in reality.

  7. No more instinct vision!! Instead of that Agent47 gets immersive tools. Like sticky cameras, like in “Splinter Cell Chaos Theory”.

Would change Hitman easily into an cool Blockbuster!! :slight_smile:

Then it shows your true skill.

It is more fun, comical, more immersive and realistic this way.



So you even admit yourself that this would lead to less interesting playthroughs with less ballsy plays.

Anyways, people will restart regardless, and speedrunners already do full game runs. No need for a mode to enforce this


The topic is Story mode.

It is kind of an own game mode with its own appeal, that appeals of course not to everything.

Speedrunning and all times reloading is not my thing, but I dont blame anyone for liking it.

Speedrunning is also done in “Dishonored”. Games are not designed for this, but if somebody wants to do it then they can do it.

“No need for a mode to enforce this”

So everything that you dont like has no “need”?

Let me tell you I have a need for this :slight_smile:

“Ballsy moves” Being courageous or being stupid separates just a very thin line :slight_smile:

This moves you are not prohibited to do and outside of Story mode is all business as usual. If you

Give it a proper read.

My idea for Story mode is like a serious mode “Ranked mode of Rainbow Six Siege” , Unranked and Casual are also there.

Some silly things you dont do in Ranked or pro league, being successful is more important.

There is no game mode that satisfies everyone because everyone has his own taste.

Your favourite playground would be still there outside of Story mode, that does only prohibit reloading but nothing else. Concentrate yourself, get it done at first try. Hehe :wink:

To be honest that reads like a whole different game with many things touched that simply work in Hitman 1+2 so far. You ask for something that probably takes like two years work. I can imagine they change things for Hitman after the Trilogy, but for H3, now that there is a good base to extend on, that is compatible to the maps so far, it would not be wise to invest into such a thing. :thinking:

See the Professional Mode in H2016 and Master in H2. These are the extend of a new mode you can expect.


If anything your story mode idea would be casual mode, whereas ranked and pro would be how it is now

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What?! :joy:

Those newspapers were ridiculous.The police suspected all the time that blood money was involved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Basically I want just “limited retries” as an activatable feature for the story mode.

I want the tension that comes the situation that every mistake does not destroy your score but lead to an “Game Over”.

Similiar in this regard are the “Elusive Targets”. There you have to concentrate not to mess it up because failure leads to not killing the target, losing your chance.

This for Story mode too, as an option.

I play it for my experience, singleplayer wise, not to compete with anyone.

For me its an singleplayer game, please keep it that way.

@tkv47: Yes, the newspapers were rediculous, but they dont have to be in Hitman 3.

Newspapers told a funny “story”, the noise and force rating with the name rating with specialist etc was more interesting.

For me. The forum community looks like quite narrow headed :smile: ^^

I just hope that maps will be interesting, easy to re-run, hard to master. I hope for Legacy transferr to EGS from Steam H1 and H2. I hope that end of trilogy story will blow my mind. I hope for meaningfull tools (not Mark 3). I hope for ET’s giveaway finally. And I hope for major improvement mainly of assessibility of contract mode so game could live those 6-7 years without next Hitman game.

PC players will be able to carryover their current progression and unlocks from HITMAN 2 on Steam into HITMAN 3 on Epic Games Store. It will also be possible for PC players to import locations from the previous two games into HITMAN 3 on Epic Games Store.

I guess many people don’t care about those blog posts.


Thanks. I do care about a matter of my interest thats why I ask you bc I know I will get answer that interest me that way much faster.

I hope for an abandon building where are party is going on. Everybody is dressed up as animals. And the target is the DJ. He/she is partying right in the middle of the people. Maby like Deafault of the watch dogs series.