Story speculation (Spoilers)

Here we can discuss and speculate where the story is going to go from here, and meticulously tear apart all the little hints that are being dropped.

First of all, this guy:

He is no doubt extremely important to the story and events that are about to unfold. What do we know about him? Well, he’s an assassin of exceptional skill. He knows about 47, about the ICA, and about Diana. We know that he killed the FSB section chief who was investigating Novikov for corruption, and demanded the entire dossier of IAGO’s secrets as payment for his feat. Novikov had no choice but to oblige.

So, what did he want with the secrets? Who is he sending a message to at the end, and why is he leaking the names that the ICA were hired to protect? It seems like he is perhaps planning to turn the ICA’s allies against them. The ICA was hired by MI6 to kill Dahlia and Novikov before they can sell off the NOC list of undercover MI6 operatives, but this master assassin got to Novikov before 47, obtained the names and set about leaking them. Very curious indeed… If the ICA fails to prevent the leak, it loses its standing with MI6 and its position on the global stage is weakened - Leaving Diana and 47 more exposed. Is this part of some bigger plan to get to them? We’ll have to wait and see…

Now, some more minor details. I’m thinking the Church of Ascendants might play an important role in the story. Dahlia and her Bodyguard have a pretty in depth discussion about it being a powerful and wealthy institution with a lot of clout, and another supermodel can be overheard on the phone to her friend, giving her advice on how to deal with a member of the Church as an IAGO spy.Overhearing a conversation between Dahlia and Helmut, if you allow their meeting to take place, Dahlia mentions she wants Helmut to go to New York to seduce Jessica Highmore, the daughter of a weaththy powerful businessman called John Highmore, who owns Highmore Consulting. She tasks Helmut with befriending him, finding out details about their upcoming merger and reporting back to her. IAGO uses supermodels to lure in the rich and famous and gather intel. Could this mean the USA level will be in N.Y.C? A bit of a stretch but you never know.

Anything else?


There were guards talking about a very specific location in NYC, could be a clue to the mission…

Also, Dalia talks to a japanese Prince Po (or something) about the lists which were being auctioned. Possible references to the upcoming Japan mission(s)?

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I still believe that the Alpha Zerox, Mystery Man and I.A.G.O, plus what’s to come is connected. Though i don’t believe that the nameless antagonist is I.C.A General Soders anymore. Due to his accent.


Dalia did refer to him as a “mystery man” though… Could he be “The Gatekeeper” btw? There’s someone credited as said name on IMDb… Looks like that could be the villain.

Yes i noticed that as well, but from what we know from Silent Assassin’s Mystery Man and his brief appearance in Hitman: Sniper Challenge is that he like 47, dresses in fine cloths, carries a briefcase, Dark hair, from the west.

We should maybe begin to call the original Mystery man, Mr. X as he is referer to in Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Since the only thing we have to go on on our new Mystery villian is Dalia calling him Mystery Man. I don’t believe they are the same character, the new villain seems a bit more rough (clothing, the way he interacts with people), threatens, demeaning. Where Mr. X was more like a criminal consultant.

I think that in the end it’s all tied togther.

Wait did he demand a single file or all of the secrets uncovered by IAGO?

I fear that the entire game will be spent with the brisish government paying for our actions. I really hope I am wrong but my speculation is anyone who gets ahold of this list must go… For England James

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He wanted everything, according to Dalia

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He wanted IAGO’s Dossier (aka everything) in return for assassinating the KGB agent that was going after Novikov.

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He’s an angry British rouge ICA assassin with a grudge, and clearly knows a lot about 47. No doubt they’ll confront each other one-on-one by the story’s end, possibly on a giant satellite dish.

Basically, that makes him a modified version of Sean Bean from GoldenEye.

So he’s definitely going to die.


“For England James”

“No Alek…for me”


I would say he’s Russian, since him and Novikov talk to each other like they are countrymen, also his accent sounds Slavic.


No way. His accent is clearly British, and Novikov is more an associate than comrade-in-arms.


For me he sounds east-european, too.


Hm i think it’s a bit hard to determine, just re watched the cut scene and i can still hear a Slavic accent. But also a bit of British. Hm, it does not come off that clear.

I’m not saying that he is anything other then an associate, he clearly does not respect him. Though Novikov does respect him.

Definitely a Slavic accent.
Doesn’t sound British to me at all honestly…


He has a hybrid accent that’s difficult to pin down - Maybe there’s a hint of English in there, but it’s very unusual sounding.

He’s definitely not British, no doubt about that…

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It may not be Received Pronunciation, but it’s some form of English. Likely an English voice actor modulating his voice to sound more machiavellian.