Stratego (Capture The Flag) GAME



Does anyone remember the board game “STRATEGO” ? I thought maybe this could be a fun game to play on the forum. It may be a bit complex to do on a forum, but I thought I’d make the thread anyway just as a suggestion… we’ll see how it pans out I guess lol

Below I put the RULES, obviously since this game would be played on a forum we would have to alter certain things.

For example (since the pieces can only be known by YOU until an “attack” we could just use Blank RED & BLUE squares to occupy the spaces. (Which would also mean, members would have to be absolutely honest in which squares/game pieces is behind that “square.”)

Maybe this thread will be a hit, maybe it won’t… just thought I’d make the thread just to see what everyone thinks.







Please excuse the photos. These are the official rules that came with my Stratego Board Game. I took the photos as this would have taken me forever to type up lol

Board Setup (both RED & BLUE would be covered like the Blue pieces shown below)


I use to play the hell out of Stratrgo. Not entirely sure how to play it here but looks like you might need a physical board, right?

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That would no doubt, help drastically lol but the odds of multiple members here having the game in their possession seems it would be very rare.

However, if people would be willing (it would also make it easier) during a game HERE, the two players could possibly “set up” as they go, either by pen and paper OR open another window on their computer and use “paint” or notepad.

Just throwing out suggestions. I realize this would take a bit of dedication on both players, but hey… thought it was worth making the thread anyway :hugs:

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