Streaming Hitman 3

I am in Korea (GMT +9) and if H3 is released here on January 20 it means I will be streaming the “unboxing” the game and playing most of the day.


Is this an advertisement thread? If yes, is promoting our own “streaming” channel allowed? I thought it’s against Forum rules since “advertisement = spam” ?

tbh you won’t be among the first to stream it. There will be the AU/NZ players + if IO gives keys to streamers again, some of them will be streaming from midnight GMT+13 like HITMAN 2’s release.

It’s more to let people see the game early. I will edit it so as to not make it seem like an ad. Of course, after the edit, if the mods feel that it’s still an ad I will delete it.


I personally prefer not to watch streams (avoiding any spoilers included) but get my own hands on the game and play it myself. Even if I have to wait another day.
But if some videos will be posted, I’ll watch them