Stuck at the loading of Hokkaido Mission

Hi everyone,
I hope you are doing great today. I’m on Ps4 and when i want to start the last mission in Hokkaido, Japan the loading stuck at appr 75%.
Can anyone help me to fix this please?

@Travis_IOI may help you out

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Highlight the HITMAN icon on the main PS4 menu, go down to the bottom (PSN Store) and then across to Your Add-ons. From there you can reinstall Hokkaido. I recommend having the game closed and waiting for the download to finish before you open it again.

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Thanks for your Reply @Travis_IOI… i will try it and will come back to you.

Hola si encontraste solución al capítulo situs Inversus? O Hokkaido? No puedo jugar la parte final del juego :worried: