Stuck in locker

Some hitman. I’m stuck in a locker and cannot get out. Help shows a special character that I cannot find to get out. It looks like an upside down staple, or a small squared ‘u’.

Anyone know how to get out of a locker? Help appreciated.


When I saw this title, I thought you meant you were stuck in a locker yourself and needed help.

Is the symbol a ‘[’?

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Thanks for the reply. The special character is similar. But long side is horizontal and the sides sticking up.

My hitman character is stuck in the locker and I can’t find any key to get him out. I’ve also been stuck in a dumpster and a freezer and cannot leave them.

That is, my hitman character stuck in a dumpster or freezer.

Q: Is it the Space bar?
A: Is this April fools?

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I don’t play on PC but I’m pretty sure that’s the symbol for the space bar.

I’M CRYING! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m lost in the supermarket. I came in here for the special offer and a guaranteed personality.


I’ve made myself feel very ill from laughing so hard. Sorry mate, I can’t help but fuck me you’ve got my physically rolling here :joy:

Ort-Meyer facepalms

“My son… What do you think you are doing?”


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This is the best April Fools… :smile:

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Is this an April Fools? I was wondering when they put hiding in lockers and freezers in Codename 47! I’ve been punk’d! I even looked up the controls and everything, you fiend!

Either that or he’s gone silent because he’s realised it was the space bar the whole time. Calling it a square ‘U’ made me assume it was as narrow as one.

For real, whoever was behind this, hats off to you; you’ve gone above and beyond and had me in pieces :joy:

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It’s always tough coming out of the closet.Or locker as you say.
I hope you find strength


Some say Tom Cruise is still in that closet. I believe his space bar is broken and is waiting for Xenu to fix it.


The hardest time I’ve ever had coming out of the locker/closet etc. was when I played Alien Isolation. Even if I knew what button to press to come out.