Stuff you've new noticed in any videogame


So I’ve noticed Rockstar makes 2 serious + 1 funny GTA game in every era.

For example, GTA III and GTA Vice City were serious games but GTA San Andreas was funny. Also GTA III and IV are serious but V was funny. Michael and Franklin had some serious shit but Trevor was a troll. Note that these are totally my opinions.

If you have found something now in any videogame you’ve played before feel free to post it here.



Define your ‘funny’ statement about GTA



I mean GTA III and VC was always had serious conversation between characters and characters were all serious. But San Andreas, it was funny IMO. Catalina, Ryder, Big Smoke
etc. were funny characters.



I perceive VC and SA as ‘funny’ because they are more cartoony for me than other GTA games



everything is a reboot/re make



I think this more suits to films



I’ll bang on a bit about my favourite game, “Deus Ex”. The amount of stuff in there might be exceeded by the amount of detail in “Hitman” levels but the nature of it all was something I found absolutely fascinating. No doubt easily found in literature but the concept of putting fairly heavy-duty philosophy into a game (though I’m not a prolific gamer, I must say) very engaging. Can’t remember how many times I played, think it was only around the tenth that I didn’t find something new and I still found new things even after that. New e-mails, new documents, new locations with items. Returning to the main idea, though, the hints of JC’s fate in the game ramped up at exactly the right pace. The philosophical points relating to artificial intelligence and the nature of the conflicts . . . so much in there it was a truly stellar piece of work. “Hitman” is great, the detail I find a little overwhelming; little bits relating to the story, yes, and little bits of funny detail that are entertaining but the coherence of the “Deus Ex” content was something else.