Stuttering in PC Games

Hi all,

I have something of a dilemma with PC Gaming. I am new to PC gaming, as you can likely tell, and have been having issues with stuttering (micro-stuttering) in all of my modern games, my older titles don’t suffer from this issue.

Whenever I refer to stuttering, I am talking about micro-stuttering for the most part. The type of stuttering that doesn’t show up easily on your FPS counter.

HITMAN 2 - Stuttering occurs 50% of the time.
Dishonored 2 - Stuttering occurs 40% of the time.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Stuttering occurs 30% of the time.

You probably get the picture by now. My frames aren’t being paced properly or there is something causing my v sync to dysfunction.

My specs are very good and my computer is very new.

Some people (like NVIDIA, PC Gamer and AMD) are saying that I have to get a G sync monitor with a variable refresh rate to fix this issue, but I am not convinced since they could be trying to encourage me to throw money at my problem without actually addressing the problem and its symptoms too. Also, there is a conflict of interest since AMD, NVIDIA and PC Gamer can make a lot of money from selling these expensive, variable refresh rate monitors.

Further, I seriously doubt that the majority of PC players have these grossly expensive variable refresh rate monitors with g sync and freesync. I doubt g sync will even solve this issue as it is likely there is an issue with my software or hardware since the stuttering is so unusual and can make playing on a PC a bit difficult at times. So, it just doesn’t make sense that everyone who plays on PC can deal with that, especially since most of us come from a console background and want to play games at a high and stable framerate.

I have tried turning off v sync, but then the issue gets ten times worse.

I have tried Adaptive sync too, but that doesn’t help significantly.

I have tried playing at 30fps (half adaptive refresh rate) and that has failed too.

I am currently doing a lot of work with HP support to try and fix this annoying issue. It will take time to solve this problem.

My questions are:

  1. Do you guys also experience stuttering (micro-stuttering) in your games on PC?
  2. Do you guys own these expensive g sync and free sync (VRR) monitors?
  3. Have you guys had this issue before and how did you resolve it?
  4. Is this normal with v sync and PC Gaming, as a whole? Should I just get used to it?

Ali Riayde

Since this is HITMAN games dedicated forum, I believe we can only try to help you with HITMAN games.
But who knows, maybe these suggestions will affect also other games.

First thing to try is to update your GPU driver and maybe BIOS.
Then, go to HITMAN 2 launcher and select Options. There you set DirectX12 as a graphics driver.
Also if you using some Razor hardware or software, delete that software completely and reboot your PC. It’s well known that Razor software somehow breaks a lot of games, HITMAN in particular.

If it still won’t help, you better provide your PC specs, maybe this will help us to give you more tips

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I would appreciate if someone could answer these four questions above.

I tried everything you mentioned, and it hasn’t helped. I don’t have Razer software too. I checked and don’t even own Razer equipment.

My PC Specs are:

  1. 1080p 60Hz HP OMEN 15.6” monitor (Pretty good 1080p monitor)
  2. RTX 2060
  3. i7 10th Gen
  4. 16 GB 3200 MHz RAM
  5. 1 TB SSD (not sure what type)

I replied above, but it didn’t tag you for some reason.

  1. No stuttering.
  2. Gsync 1440p, 165hz, 1ms monitor
  3. No
  4. Vsync always off

Thanks for the quick and succinct reply, I appreciate it.

I needed to gather some feedback because I feel like I am going crazy or something.

Do you suggest I buy a G sync monitor to solve this problem?

Before getting a G sync monitor, did you encounter similar issues?

Your hardware should be able to pull of the games in question, however It could also come down to graphical settings. Do you have any idea what your average FPS is in these games? I wouldn’t necessarily throw money at a G-sync monitor if you don’t know what the problem is.

However in the end I would recommend that a Hardware forum would probably be more fruitful, since this is a forum for Hitman fans. But we will try and help you to the best of our knowledge.

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Thank Mads,

I did a benchmark for H2 and it was really high, like 90 fps (on average for both, Mumbai and Miami on high settings).

What’s the best hardware forum for these problems? I am really new to PC Gaming, so I unfamiliar with the online resources.

I am very hesitant to spend money on a G sync monitor because I suspect something else is going on that’s causing all these issues to occur.

Besides, I am more than satisfied with 60fps and high settings. Personally, I am not concerned with very high or ultra, or playing high at > 60fps. I just want the standard and typical 60 v-sync experience.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am new to PC, so I am very unfamiliar with all these things.

G-sync wouldn’t really have an effect on 90 fps. The G-sync, V-sync and Free-sync have an noticeable effect if you can’t hit the 60 fps, in your case it would eliminate screen tearing. So I suspect the issue lies else where. Are you able to hook up your pc to a TV? this way you can eliminate if the problem is a tied to a faulty monitor. If that doesn’t change, move down the list, if possible try your GPU in another setup. This might be difficult, if you don’t have a friend where you are able to swap cards with.

That said I have little experience with this specific issue, G-sync or Free-sync could be a solution. However as nice as G-sync is, it’s also expensive. Luckily today most of the newer free-sync monitors are G-Sync compatible, they aren’t as expensive as a “pure” G-Sync monitor.

Here is an article on the subject from PC Gamer and a thread on reddit

I would suggest going to reddit or Tom’s hardware

No I dont recommend that monitor to solve that problem. Something else must cause those issues.

But I do recommend that monitor for pc gaming. I know you said your content with your current one, having 60 fps etc. But your hardware should be able to pull of 2k instead 1080p, plus the smoothness etc provides a complete new experience. You’ll never want to go back.

I recommended the same monitor to @Mads47 , he can testify

Indeed you can, however sadly this monitor out of production now. That said there exists Asus Tuf monitors that basically are cheaper re-skins of the same monitor.

Are they? Since when? My gf bought two of them this year, 2nd one in June or so

Recently I think, probably due to the Asus Tuf re-skin version. All I know is that they are unavailable in Denmark. A friend who is building a new setup, also wanted the same monitor. But it’s unavailable for purchase. I don’t think Asus is producing them anymore, expect for the TUF version.

Alright guys,

I feel that I have a better grasp of the problem. I just wanted to see i what other avenues are available.

I just needed some reassurance that this is indeed a problem that requires more investigation and trial and error, that it wasn’t as simple as I used to think it was. Thankfully, I do have that reassurance.

Indeed, I have never played on > 60fps. Thus, I don’t know what it’s like. I heard it’s really good, so I will definitely explore this option later on.

Right now, it’s just a matter of solving this hardware or software problem with HP Support. If we can do that, then that would be great.

Thanks for replying and helping Mads and Forthe, you guys are great.

Hey. I am using a translator. I apologize in advance for mistakes

Your questions


No. These monitors will not remove stuttering. You’re just wasting your money

Yes. We will come back to this later.

This has nothing to do with your problem

First, you have a good pc. Secondly, the most common causes of stuttering are:

  1. Problems with RAM
  2. Problems with a slow hard drive (System or paging file on hdd)
  3. OS problems

My questions

  1. Is your RAM working in dual channel mode?
  2. Is your system installed on the SSD? Is the paging file also on the SSD?
  3. Have you enabled high performance mode for your graphics card?
  4. Have you enabled the best performance mode in windows?
  5. Can you record the stuttering gameplay? Preferably with a frame time graph (Not the same as FPS). This is very important
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Thanks Pdz,

These are very good questions. Thus, I need a little bit of time to verify how my RAM is working and gather the gameplay.

Yes, my graphics card is running on high performance.

Windows is set to run at maximum performance when my laptop is connected to the power. I will double check, however.

My laptop runs off of a Single SSD system. I don’t have a HDD installed or a hybrid system. It’s just one 1TB SSD. Thus, everything on my laptop is inside my SSD.

I need to figure out how my RAM is working. Do you know how I can know if it’s dual channel or not?

Before I start recording, do you know how can I get a frame graph while recording my gameplay? Does the GeForce experience software help here?

If you have a laptop, then this item can be skipped

You will need two programs. MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner

Yes. Try to make a record via GeForce experience