Submit Questions for IO Monthly # 7 - 23 Sept (2pm GMT)

It feels like it was only two weeks ago we had an IO Monthly, but here we are again!


IOI Monthly returns for the second time in September! Episode 7 will bring an in-depth look at the new upcoming location, Haven Island with direct input from members of the development team.

Submit your questions and hopefully @Travis_IOI will answer some!

Keep in mind before they answer any questions they’re going to have already given us a lot of information about Haven Island, rendering a lot of questions about Haven Island moot.

The stream will be at 2pm GMT on September 23rd (…or will it?)

  • What post-launch content can we expect in 2020 for H2 besides Escalations and ETs, any? (Can we even expect any ETs?)
  • Could we have contracts enabled on Freeform Training during a slow content period next year, given that it mathematically has more variety for contracts mode than Final Test or Hawke’s Bay and seems to have everything already programmed from the tutorial version? If not, why not?
  • Is the sniping/shot detection bug on Hawke’s Bay (And others) going to be fixed? Is your team aware of it?
  • When making a location how much stuff is just for the benefit of contracts mode? (Like the stores in Sapienza which serve no mission purpose)
  • If Required Exit doesn’t let you choose the wrong exit, Hide All Bodies doesn’t let you leave without hiding the bodies, and No Recordings doesn’t let you leave without destroying the recording, why does No Disguise Changes let you change disguises?
  • Can we please get a ‘quick scroll’ inventory in Ghost Mode, so you don’t have to stand there doing nothing while you’re trying to find the right item to get the target before your opponent?
  • Can you confirm Ghost Mode is not coming to any Legacy maps, and can you inform us what’s going on with Ghost Mode Mumbai?
  • Have you considered a “Ghost Mode Practice” (Single Player) for those who want to try it but find they keep being completely outskilled by the people they match with, OR find that they can’t find any players to match with at all?
  • Can you make it so at the end of a GM match you get to choose what map to play next? Being able only replay the map you just played can be a bit annoying if you want to play across all the levels with your rival. At the very least if you clicked “Any map” then when you click rematch could it be “Any map”?
  • Can you make it so we pick just the weapon as kill method in contracts, without having to specify thrown or melee (Like in escalations)?
  • Any closer to being able to delete contracts yet (Or any other changes at all)? I got like 10 to get rid of :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Can we have an option to quickmatch in all Sniper Assassin maps like Ghost Mode, rather than only one at a time? It’s a low player base to begin with, it then being split into three missions doesn’t help.
  • Can we expect any non-expansion ‘reskin’ missions ever? How about seasonal ones like Holiday Hoarders, can we expect any new ones to pop up ever?
  • Just like you did the emetic grenade, are you going to release sedative and lethally poisonous versions of this kind of gas grenade?

  • Have you considered the creation of a tool similar to the Sticky Camera gadget used in the Splinter Cell franchise?

  • Is there a plan to finally realease an unlockable version of the Sedative Syringe? After all, it’s already existing in Landslide and would be a neat addition to the inventory as a completely silent method of achieving KOs that won’t impact negatively the SA conditions if the body of the sedated NPC is found.


are we going to get the signature suit from season 1?

are there plans to change the electrocution phone?

are there plans to allow players to toggle between the old white attention meter and the new yellow one?

can you allow players to wear location-specific suits in other locations? for example, i would really like to use the italian suit (without gloves) in the resort.



Oh yeah, forgot they answered that one, will remove

  1. Will the Sun’s location in Whittleton Creek be fixed? Or will the solar panels be placed on the right side of the roofs and the HUD compass adjusted accordingly?

  2. Feature Request: Have an :orange_circle: or :yellow_circle: crossed guns for a recoverable SA :green_circle:, and :red_circle: for SA completely lost.

Re: The Sun in WC. The best solution would be to relocate the solar panels (and reposition the satellite dishes), and fix the map compass. It’d be the least jarring.


You really can’t let go of this sun thing can you?



Codename 47 HD Remaster: when?


You really don’t understand the difference between Remake and Remaster, don’t you?

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A shitty remake, to clarify

Contracts was remastered in 2013, I doubt they’re going to go back and remaster the older version when the ‘newer’ one has been done. It would be an extremely niche market of people who want C47 remastered over Contracts.

Maybe some people in this forum want that, but it wouldn’t be a money-maker. Unless it costs them absolutely nothing to make, and was included in an ‘all games on one platform’ pack or something

Fucking Blood Money was also re-released in 2013 and again in 2018.

It could be, when done right and for a fair price, unlike the fucking Absolution/BM Bundle.

I don’t think you got this part

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Sometime between SOON ™ and never.


Nah, I got that. It just doesn’t offer anything that Contracts lacks besides the South American levels (and “I need to use the bathroom.”). Worth remastering an entire, even more outdated game for? I could see why they wouldn’t.

I definitely wouldn’t get your hopes up for that :sweat_smile:

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I am confused, is this the questions to IO thread or the questions to KevinRudd?


How large is Haven and by that I mean in terms of area not digital capacity?

Does 47 wear tan shorts as a part of the outfit? Does he realise how terrible they look on him?

Will there be yet another delay in the roll out of Haven a la New York or Siberia?
Does Clemens by his hats in bulk? Does he charge them to the company? Does he realise that he has a Janet Van Dune level obsession with changing his look?

Have you played the fucking game? I know you have, but it sounds like you’ve just read the list of missions on Wikipedia.

Yeah it was released in 2000 and had bad controls so we should forget about that shit. What were developers thinking during making that piece of crap.