Submit Questions for IO Monthly # 7 - 23 Sept (2pm GMT)


i dont have high hopes for that, knowing the “Quality” of IOs previous remasters and the insane Price for the Absolution/BM Bundle. i bought it on sale for 25€, what should have been the original Price imo

It would just be nice to play this fantastic little Game on CurrentGen Consoles.

Guys this is a place to ask IO stupid questions and pester them with inane requests. If you want to talk about a remake for the worst game in the series then do it elsewhere.


Where is this??? Why are you not using it???


Badeaguard, I think it’s time for you to move on. I know how much it meant for you, but you got to let it go. It’s gone. The Blackballer is gone. It’s not going back. You can’t live in the past, go and have a happy life with ICA19. Do it for the forum. Do it for yourself.

Happy Cake Day btw


This is a good question. I’d like to add this to it, since it’s related:

Until what time can we expect active support for the game, meaning new ETs, escalations and challenge packs, and also bug fixes? Is there a certain time horizon you have in mind?


Maybe you should play C47


I have m8, have you?

EDIT: And with that, we shall leave that non-IO Monthly discussion to this somewhat relevant thread. We’ll spare Travis from having to scroll through more of this to find the actual questions

  • Do you have statistics for community engagement with contracts mode? (As in what percentage of players play/create contracts)

  • If you did update contracts mode, would you only add new complications, or would you add new objectives (like item pickups)?

  • Would it a priority to improve HUD customisation? Like how you can’t remove the minimap without removing the status bar (i.e. searching, compromised, etc.)


Starts derailing the Thread and tells others to stop it. Outstanding move.

Back to Topic:

When can we expect to see new ETs, especially in Mumbai? Legacy ETs are getting boring.

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oh, i must have missed that. i watched the Video while cleaning up my Appartement.

Its called Questions for IO Monthly, not Questions strictly about Hitman 2.

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Next month I’m going to ask Bateson himself to deliver my message to the lovely staff of IOI :grinning:


Few questions:

  • With the release of “The Resort” and the two last SA missions that end the “gold items”, IO will next work priority on what? Bug fixes? ET missions? escalations? Hitman 3?
  • Can we expect new missions like SA or AHBOS in the near future?
  • Time-limited events on the road? Is IO considering making HH or HSF permanent missions?
  • Unlocks expected on last SA missions?
  • IO mentioned in the last stream the return of legacy challenge packs. Can we expect the return of all of them? With their unlocks in H2?
  • IO said they consider introducing a sort filter for suits. Is it on the tracks?
  • Can we imagine the introduction of a new filter “fiber wire” in the inventory? Because we get now five of them (fiber wire, fishing line, earplugs, measuring tape, quickdraw).
  • Can we expect the release of challenge pack for New York map?
  • Is IO considering ET on New York map?
  • H3 will be a new game, or a additional content to H2, with the idea of playing all missions within one game?
  • Is it safe to say that human shield will never return to H2 or H3?
  • Is IO envisage the release of the ET suits (free or DLC) in a future?
  • Can we expect stealth changes in the current maps? Like in the previous patch with Hawke’s Bay.
  • Can we get an idea of the size of “The Resort” map? Sapienza-like?


  • Which bugs will be fixed in the september patch?

Ghost Mode fixes, improvements, new maps - when?
Ghost Mode turning alpha - when?


Yay! New Content is out super soon!

  • Since the Resort is out (tomorrow, Sept. 24th, at the time of the livestream), when can we expect new HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets?
  • Confirm it. Right here right now, HITMAN 3?
  • So, the Resort… Can we walk in the water? Does it get 47’s outfit wet?
  • How big is the Resort map compared to the others in H2?
  • Is Ghost Mode in Mumbai still a thing going on? Any plans for other maps to be converted to Ghost Mode yet?
  • Is there anything else special planned for the end of 2019? The Highlights Roadmap ends with Fall, and the release of this final piece of paid DLC.

  • Of course, what did you have for lunch today?
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  • Will ghost mode be added to the other maps? Eg-sgaíl, new york, haven. Or will Mumbai be the last one

  • Can we expect to see animals in Haven similar to how Mijo was done

  • Will there be any future ET’s on the expansion pass maps?

  • Will holiday hoarders and Hokkaido snow festival become permanent in the future like holiday hoarders did in season 1?

  • Will you allow players to pick up items while dragging bodies again? What was the reason behind that change?
  • Will you ever revert the frisking back to the way it was? It felt more tense before. Also now the knock out option is useless.
  • Any plans for camera recorders to be assigned to their specific areas again? Or at least on harder difficulties?
  • Any plans for metal detector?
  • Any plans to add guard dogs in H3? Similar to “A New Life” in Blood Money?
  • Any plans for female enforcers?
  • Will the hand fight system be more fleshed out in H3?
  • Any hope to have human shield back? It would be quite useful during a fake arrest.

Is the accident KO bug in the works?
Like what others have said, what new Hitman 2 content can be expected?
Are special assignments the replacement for bonus missions?
And most importantly—
Why does 47 have so much updog on the resort suit?

I will try to answer some of questions -

Yes a lot of stuff is added keeping in mind contravts, escalations, expansions, Elusive targets. Roughly about 20% stuff on levels is for these purposes.

Because there are no changes to game mechanics except exit restriction. Game just detects if required activity is done or not. If there was recording you can’t exit, but if you delete evidence you can exit.
Changing disguise once done can not go back to it’s original value. So you can’t exit.

You answered your own question when you mentioned low player count.

That would be possible if player count was significant. As in current state giving option to choose maps will mean increase in player waiting time by double. So not right now.

This is fundamentally in contradiction to your demand of choosing maps for ghost mode. First you need to decide whether you want to be able to select aps or not irrespective of ghost mode or Sniper missions.


Yes this should be what it was in S1.

Yes. Needs to be done.

Yes to that.

But what is the use of it. It will detect spanners too.

No extra anations.

Hmmmm. You so Kinky.

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Are you a former IO dev or something? Or you just making guesses

It is not a contradiction if you are asking for choice. I’m saying you should be able to pick all or one if you like. Rather than being forced to pick all for Ghost, and forced to pick one for Sniper Ass.