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My question: Re: the SA indicator. Currently they’re :green_circle: to indicate SA. If SA is lost it turns to :red_circle:. What about adding an :orange_circle: or :yellow_circle: (color) to indicate SA is lost, but still recoverable?

Such as when 47 is recorded (but not seen by a guard watching the monitor when he’s in a trespassing or hostile area), or being able to change a disguise before a ‘Crime Noticed’ is reported to a guard…?

:red_circle: would indicate SA is completely lost and unrecoverable.


Are further tweaks to Contracts Mode being envisioned such as the possibility for players to add additional objectives (forced starting point, item retrieval, VIPs that must remain unharmed…) or has work on that mode been finalized and should no more changes be expected?


Fuck ETs!
Resort when?

  • Are the accident kills in Sniper Assassin actually gonna count as accidents?
  • Are you planning on fixing/toning down the bloom effect?
  • Will there be new weapons (guns) in the resort?
  • Are there plans to organize the suit menu, just like the weapons?
  • Are there any plans to change the attention meter?


  • Did you guys at IOI receive the feedback about the Special Assignments?

Thanks @Ibbe040. I’ll remove that question to make sure they don’t spend time on that one.

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Will this update fix SA/SO issues with Hot Summer Suave Suit?
Will this update fix bug where non-leaking Propane Tanks are not being ignited by explosives larger than a Breaching Charge?


Coop for Contracts-Mode?

Hey guys!

We just want to let you know that we’re moving the livestream on week, so it’s now on September 2, instead of August 26 :slight_smile:

We’ve delayed the next episode of IOI Monthly into the first week of September, to give us a little more time to prepare. We’re still planning the regular ‘September’ episode that will arrive towards the end of the month.


Oh god oh shit oh fuck what does it mean?!?!

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It means more days for people to post their laundry lists of questions that will make it that much less likely to be picked to be answered. :smiling_imp:


i have only one Question.

Codename 47 HD for Consoles: when?


You know what would be really unneeded, but oh so awesome? If we could upload audio files ourselves that we could use for the phones and audio distraction devices.

Shit would be hilarious i tell you

  1. Have you got any updates for us regarding the Mk II weapons? Travis said he was “aware” of the thread regarding them.

  2. Is there any intention to dull down the wacky physics of unbuttoned suits? You can turn once and the suit and tie just fly like a helicopter.

  3. Small question, but could the tie pin on the Phantom Suit be lowered just a bit? It’s not in the same place as the one on the Absolution suit and, as a result, doesn’t actually pin down the tie, the wacky physics are still present.

  4. Oh, yeah, why does the Krugermeier, a sub-sonic weapon, sound almost exactly the same as the other pistols?

i think the Fact that the Homing Briefcase has a MK2 Sticker on it answers this Question.


Joke name with joke skin for joke item with self-mocking description. Yeah, it definitely means they aren’t aware of stickers.


One word: Sandstorm.


of course they are aware of it, but i dont think they will do shit it. its just none of their priorities and probably shouldn’t be one.

I’d rather see some new ETs on new Maps, because its a bit embarrassing now…

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Imagine the possibilities though. Could use funny lines from sitcoms or movies, hilarious songs, could record yourself saying something.

I want this so bad now haha


i would use one of my favorite Voicelines ever for it.

“obviously yuu are not invited hia, Mistah” - Asian Bodyguard when 47 tries to enter the brothel without the Flyer, circa 2000

or another Classic: YAME! YAME!


Exactly! There are so many hilarious options. Did not realize how much i want this