Submit Questions for the IOI [Sept. 6, 4PM CEST] Livestream

It was listed in their known issues


Oh, good. …Yup, I see it at the bottom of the Patch Notes.

So yeah. I retract all my questions. I don’t have anything to ask anymore.

47, the meeting stream will begin in 60 minutes; be ready, 47

  • Can we get an option for all HUD to turn off? This would include in-game prompts and interactions that aren’t already in the Options menu. (As a content creator, it would be nice to have a more cinematic presentation when playing/recording)

  • Could Hawkes Bay get another exit for Contracts mode? Perhaps the SUV used in The Politician ET?

  • Does the Gold Edition content (The Resort/Haven Island) mark the end of DLC content for Hitman 2? Obviously not weekly content, but moreso referring to new maps and missions.


Ok this probs won’t get in because I left it really late, but
Is it possible to get the SA’s in Contracts to create diversity, and get a feel that you want to evoke? This is mainly due to the skybox.

You can type it into Twitch. They also read the streams during question time.

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Stream has been dalayed AGAIN! It’s coming 16:02 CEST . 2 MINUTES LATER!!! Unacceptable SMH. :rage::rage::rage:

Wait wHaT :anger::rage::rage::rage:

One question that was answered… Will we be able to edit (etc.) Contracts?

Response (paraphrasing): That was too much to do, so we’ll bring it in H3.

But I thought H3 was going to be IN H2. :thinking: This makes me think H3 will be standalone like H2 was apart from H1.

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Maybe it is just something they are holding off on until Hitman 3’s development cycle. After all 2 has been out for so long now. Plus this way once HITMAN 3 is out and we have all the content you can alter to you hearts content.


They said that the car exit in Hawkes Bay isn’t in their plans so we most probably won’t get it. :cry:

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They said they may add more options for contracts mode in HITMAN 3.They also said that the 2 new special assignments will be related to each other.

Here there is more information.

Here is a post from @dontironit covering the Q&A part of the stream if anyone haven’t seen it yet.

Q. What was the reason for changing some of the elements in Hawke’s Bay (adding lights, agility options, etc)?

A. We’d been meaning to do that for a while, but they were never a priority. Then when we started to make some more content for Hawke’s Bay, the level designer implemented those changes as part of that.

Q. When are Hitman 1 escalations and challenge packs coming to Hitman 2?

A. Next month! We’re adding multiple five-stage escalations from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2 in October. We’re also adding challenge packs. You will need the Legacy Pack to access these, naturally.

Q. When are we getting a Bangkok elusive target?

A. It’s on the horizon. Maybe October.

Q. Is there a plan for the aim toggle glitch?

A. We’re working on it.

Q. Among Kevin’s many questions, what about music in Ghost Mode?

A. It was an intentional decision to omit it. No plans to restore it.

Q. Is September the end of the expansion pass content.

A. Yes (other than future escalations, challenge packs, etc). That’s everything.

Q. Is sunscreen required for Haven Island?

A. No. But in real life, if I had one piece of advice to give you, sunscreen would be it.

Q. What about community escalations?

A. We have one already, the BigMooney one. We’re working on another right now and have ambitions for more. However, no guarantees.

Q. Can you reduce the game size?

A. Well, with the Legacy Pack, it’s really two games.

Q. What did you have for lunch?

A. Butter chicken.

Q. Where’s my sedative syringe?

A. We’re considering it as an unlock.

Q. Photo mode for consoles?

A. Would be cool, but we have no plans for that.

Q. More options for contracts mode?

A. We want to, but it’s a big task.

Q. Let’s have cruise ship and submarine levels!

A. Level suggestions? We can’t say yes to those, we can’t say no.

Q. Will a future game be open world?

A. No. But we like the idea of a hideout that displays all your weapons.

Q. More exits in Hawke’s Bay contracts mode?

A. That would be good. No immediate plans for that.

Q. Hawke’s Bay wetsuit unlock?

A. Confirmed coming. Not confirmed when.

Q. Will there be an expansion pass 2?

A. Not likely.

Q. It would be cool to have a public tracker of issues. Discord does this, and it makes things more transparent.

A. We’ve considered that. We’re trying to be as open and transparent as we can.

Q. Loadouts for ICA facility?

A. No. That’s not happening. It’s safe to assume we’re not making any big changes to Hitman 1 going forward.




So another community escalation in the tubes? Can I suggest the @Urben Complexity?


I believe he mentioned something about possibly putting it into H3

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MFW one of the most liked questions of the topic (also a main concern for lots of players) didn’t even get answered :tired_face:

Hoping to get an honest answer Soon™


Make a hideout level just like in these old games.

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