Submit Questions Here For IO Monthly - May 27

Howdy, IO is again taking questions for this month’s stream

Unlike last time where they said the 2019 Content Highlights and Ghost Mode should be the focus of your questions, they have given no topic of discussion for this months questions… so as far as I’m concerned that means anything and everything is game!

I will get the ball rolling with some starter questions:

  • Was the Camera grid being visible all times intentional? Can you make it so it’s only in Instinct again?
  • Will The Bank mission continue from where “The Ark Society” left off, or be a bonus mission?
  • Will we ever see Contracts Mode on any of the missions that currently do not have it enabled?
  • Can we just pick the weapon as kill method in contracts, without having to specify thrown or melee?
  • Will all new missions from expansion pack (Including special assignments) have contracts mode?
  • Any closer to being able to delete contracts yet (Or any other improvements)? I got a lot of duds to get rid of
  • Can we please have voice chat in Sniper Assassin, or some way to help get synchronised kills with a stranger?
  • Can we have an option to quickmatch in all Sniper Assassin maps like Ghost Mode, rather than only one at a time? It’s a low player base to begin with, it then being split into two missions doesn’t help.
  • (Assuming the above questions haven’t been answered ‘yes’) Is there going to be any update to the Sniper Assassin gamemode like Ghost Mode underwent a month ago?
  • Does The Prison have a unique gameplay element like Hantu Port had with the hostages? Can you tell us what it is?
  • Can we expect any non-expansion ‘reskin’ missions ever? How about time-limited ones like Holiday Hoarders, can we expect any new ones to pop up ever?
  • Oh yeah, and what’s with the delay on H2 Elusive Targets? We’re coming up to almost 3 months now since The Politician launched :S

Damn, I should’ve waited to post this question.

Hey, IO, will there be second chances for H2 Elusive Targets? :smiley:


When will the io anniversary suits come in hitman 2?
When will the bank level come out?

What does the ‘I O’ stand for in IO-Interactive?

  • Are the new bonus missions gonna take place at a different time of day than the original mission did?

  • Are there plans to change the accident kills in sniper assassin so that the body found penalty wouldn’t count?

  • Will the Sieger get the briefcase animation like the Lancer has?


Are the escalations and challenge packs from the Legacy Maps going to be included in Hitman 2 and if so, what is the timeline for their introduction?


will the destruction from the GDC tech demo be present in the bank?


Are there any plans for a non-Gary Busey Wildcard ET?

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Will the Masamune katana from the original H2016 make a comeback as a future unlockable?

  • what is the max level mastery on the bank and the resort?

  • will there be a robbery in progress in the bank?

  • does the sniper assassin missions have a uniques story or are they one offs?

  • will Alexander Kovak be in the prison?

  • How is development going with Hitman 3?

  • May I suggest a London Mission for hitman 3?

  • what are your plans for the hitman franchise after the current hitman trilogy?

  • will Hitman 3 contain the same type of post launch content as hitman 2?

  • is Hitman 3 confirmed to be happening?

  • would you consider having famous hitman players as elusive targets? Like MrFreeze and BigMooney?

  • will there be mark 3 weapon variants?

  • what are your favourite missions in Hitman 2 and the Hitman legacy pack and why?

  • who is your favourite target in Hitman 2 and hitman legacy pack?

  • will all the escalations from Hitman 2016 be coming to Hitman 2?

  • just to confirm, are special assignments are the same as bonus missions?

  • will the special assignments be time limited?

  • are there going to be unique starting disguises on the bank and resort levels?

  • are there going to be elusive targets on the bank and resort levels?

  • would you consider an elusive target on sniper assassin?

  • is there anything related to nazi gold on the bank mission?

  • is the bank mission in New York?

  • are there any special assignments in the bank or resort levels?


Are there any plans to port Hitman 2 to other languages such as Korean, Japanese etc?

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I will answer that for you: no.


I understand the MrFreeze part. I do not like him myself but he is famous and was one of the first to come to mind. How about speedrunners like CJ?

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I’m all for that! :smiley:


Why doesn’t he like him?

Any chances of Switch ports of some of the older HITMAN games?

Can Hitman: Sniper Challenge be released again on PC, Xbox and Playstation?


It depends if you dislike his content or dislike him personally. Some see him as too “noob friendly” but I don’t like how he treats his fans and borderline demands donations


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