Subtitles of "a brief history of Rico Delgado"

Hey! Since I’m an Italian player, I was wondering if there is a way to read the subtitles of his brief history in his mansion. I can’t really understand what the devices say…

the steam page says that there is a full Italian subtitle translation. the option to change subtitle language should be there

Not everything is subtitled, it is possible these have none. Maybe some italian who is fluent with english can translate it for you. Maybe @badeaguard?


Hello, I have o idea where that part is :astonished: I play the game with subtitles in english since I don’t need it translated in Italian.
Maybe you can post a screenshot and I will gladly translate for you.

On the ground floor in the Santa Fortuna mansion, there is a personal museum with things you can interact which tell you little stories of the displayed objects. I guess these have no subtitles so OP has trouble to understand them.

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Yes, as Urben says there are no subtitles for that part. If you can translate them, I’ll be grateful to you! The devices are four, each has a story to tell. I found the lack of subtitles very strange…

It’s been a while since my last message. News about this?