Sudden freeze-crashing


For weeks my game has been freezing and I am now bi level of Mumbai, where I have to kill 3 people and now only Wazir Kale.
I am in the basement and after 1 minute my image is stopped and after 5 seconds I am standing on my desktop.
Tried several times and started somewhere in that level but always the same problem.
What I also find weird when I open the stored field of the cellar, then my mission succeeded and I see that I have already killed Wazir Kale which is not true and now I have to kill a 4th person.
My PC and Steam are fine.
My Pc Specifications are:
Windows 10
Intel® Core ™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20 GHz.
16 RAM
64 bit operating system, x64 processor.
Geforce GTX 1070
Display 3840 x 2160 60Hz

I see and read that I am not the only one with this problem so I hope that something is done with it because it takes a few weeks now and for the amount it may well be something to be done.


I suppose it something may do with RAM and/or HDD.
Try to test both and if it possible, to replace them (or just re-connect), and test performance on a new hardware.
Also, your GPU may be defective. Check it too.
These are only my assumptions, not statements.
But it good to be checked


good evening
No, it is not, the thing you mention is certainly not, I have a PC that just meets all requirements.
I can handle all games, and I mean really all and heaviest games.
When I read on the internet and read the stories in my Steam during discussions, everyone is bothered by it and we are sent through a link to your Hitman forum.
Whatever level you are, after 1 minute of play the image is standing still and after 5 seconds it goes to your desktop.
So it’s just a bug in the game that seems to be solved by you.
Maybe a hint, when I first downloaded and installed the game and opened it up and wanted to play, I was in the first level and my image was weird (something that also circulated on the internet and there was also an update at the time).
I went out and looked on the internet and at my Steam and it said that I had to update my Nvidia driver, so I did that.
He then worked perfectly, so the problem can be solved.
I hope, just like many others, that it will be solved soon or receive help