Suggestion for IOI: Please Go to Weapons Shows and Intelligence Exhibits

After seeing both the good (and bad) in HITMAN 2’s unlockable lists, at the risk of some controversy, I want to propose that IOI send a delegation every year to weapons shows and exhibits for Intelligence/counter-intelligence.

If we are seeing so many duplicate items now it will only get worse when we get to H3, H4, H5, and so on.

Movie references and making yet another remote doll-bomb can only get you so far.

Just a sampling of what IOI would have seen at the 2018 Shot Show

New 1911 variant:

9mm AK SMG variant:

9mm AK rifle variant:

Bullpup low-recoil Shotgun

Survival rifle using Magnum rounds

FLIR Breach Monocular

And that’s just some of the stuff…IOI should increase the value of research and development…I mean… the good news is that they don’t need to invent everything. Half of the gear going forward can be gimmicks. The rest can be researched from annual weapons shows where real life companies think of the new ideas for them.

Performance wise, much like real life weapons, IOI can always elect to either “inch up” performance gear, or do the Porsche thing where a new model is “between two other models”, and then another new unlockable is yet “between the last new one and another model” in terms of performance figures. Sure, that means eventually much of what we use would come down to taste, though there could still be stratification.

Then again, this is already true in every game that has weapons (particularly firearms) in them. Much of actual score performance is based on “human feel” for the weapon and placebos (ie: You do better with guns you simply just like).

I think the Hitman community would be pretty happy if 47’s arsenal was both varied and up to date, making every “season/sequel” something to be excited for in terms of gear.

On another note: How long has it been and 47 still doesn’t have access to older assassin tools like that poison-tipped cane the KGB supposedly used to such good effect by poking a target in the ankles? Or that clever two part Poison used in the recent assassination of Kim Jong Nam?


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That does not sound very effective also that technique is like nearly half a century old at worst we have subsonic needles and shit now. Also wouldn’t 47 look odd with a cane?

Also does 47 need a large arsenal? I mean he moves around a lot and works for a secret group of criminal killers. I wouldn’t want the National Guard Armoury in my luggage?

Also you showed two versions of the same gun and we already have a bullpup shotgun the Enram.

Plus giving IO an new 1911 model might give @badeaguard an apoplectic fit


Well it would work like the Poison Syringe except:

  1. It cannot be holstered. (So you cannot carry it and still carry Gas Tank or FE for example)
  2. Totally non suspicious when you peck a target’s ankle from behind. The victim just continues going for a bit and then dies.
  3. As a large object, you cannot put it in ICA “small object” smuggle points unlike the Syringes/Vials.

The above would have saved me during the Surgeons ET for example.

One of the odd quirks of video games is they are already filled with various weapons that never got past prototype stage but got a lot of attention for looking flashy at weapons shows etc.

Including the Walther WA 2000 (only 176 ever made, not exactly a low profile weapon)

Meanwhile the real military and professional… let’s call them “operators” tend to prefer more standard weapons simply because they’re easy to acquire, maintain, service and apply options like sights, grips, suppressors, etc to.


True, but what I propose is that IOI basically just make gear the way Porsche make new cars. Like how the Cayman is “exactly between the Boxster and the 911 in terms of stats”, and therefore you can just subdivide that gap to infinity making variants of gear and weapons that are only really differentiated by how they look.

At least, that would be better than “MkII sticker”.

I mean… I actually expected the MkII Jaeger 7 to have the subsonic ammo and suppressor… but nope… it’s just like the Mk I which also lost its subsonic ammo and suppressor! :stuck_out_tongue:


So it is less effective then a medical syringe, also that sounds as gimmicky as any other novelty unlock

True GTA V has hundreds of cars that were concept cars only or limited make.

No lets call them mercenaries or PMCs. The people rich guys and lazy presidents use to fight their wars for them.

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No the cane is harder to deploy (because large object), but in exchange you can just walk right to the Target and administer poison without fear of getting caught, unlike with the syringes where you have to sneak and watch out for witnesses.

Note: such a bum-rush assassin weapon also makes sense with the new points-based scoring system. You don’t get as good a score since the usage of the cane is too direct and would involve earning less points along the way.

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Imagine my surprise upon opening this thread and finding out the OP was @Soupienza and not @badeaguard.


Clue: I am NOT a chef. hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

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this sounds very very OP, syringes are already OP enough and making them non-suspicious would completely break the game, least of which elusive targets

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It is, but considering that the only ways to bring such poison cane into the level is either by sacrificing your own Briefcase or by sacrificing a large ICA drop point/military briefcase, and that you are unable to carry another large object around, it is kind of cumbersome.

People would use it but only if they think there is no other way.

Also consider this implementation of the “Skin-Absorbable Binary Poison” which I wrote up following details of the Kim Jong Nam Assassination:

Possibly OP as well, but to balance this maybe the A and B compounds each occupy one inventory slot (You select the Binary Poison in loadout screen but what it does it drops the A and B to occupy two Loadout Slots). So you’d be strained to bring these and still have coins, or lockpicks, or other items.

100% in favour of this. IO-I clearly have the resources, so it’s annoying to see the same guns in nearly every level. I’m having a hard time believing that there are actually 60+ firearms in the game, assuming that they’re DIFFERENT firearms.

Quick correction, it was actually an umbrella, not a cane. I agree a weapon like that could be fun, but it’d have to have some serious drawbacks (one shot, acts like a fire axe in that you can only hold it, etc.)

Yes. But like I said… it would be useful if the only solution someone has figured out at the time is “I can get to within two feet of the guy”.

It’s actually less powerful than the old BC/FE combo and even with that it wasn’t like everybody did only that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand that. I am in full support of a more varied collection of weapons, though, it can be really annoying to unlock more and more reskins and see the same guns across many locations. Even if they only have 3 new weapons that can be unlocked per location and that’s 18 new ones.

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Yeah hence I started this thread. Guns shouldn’t be too hard. Even making the assets can’t be that hard. They can buy hundreds of base weapons off Turbosquid or something.

Tagging @Travis_IOI for good measure. :slight_smile:

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The thing is, half of the fun of a Hitman game is using a variety of weapons to come up with my own in-game loadouts and scenarios. It’s pretty hard when there are very few unique guns.

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Agreed. Used to be that I would fire up HITMAN: CONTRACTS and adore my vast collection of weapons thinking which ones I’d try out this time.

Plus as long as you use different names, the models don’t matter. After seeing the variety in the earlier games, it’s annoying to see the lack of effort put into the weapons.