Suggestion for IOI: Please Go to Weapons Shows and Intelligence Exhibits

I’d like to think it has more to do with Legacy Pack not being certain until much later in the schedule. I recall IOI being flaky about a Legacy Pack for so long… So I guess when ot was confirmed a go… the new problem was “How about if you don’t own HITMAN 2016? Shit! We have to duplicate all the guns just in case!”

This would have all gone away if they did push through with the Black Market system that was in a few leaks back.

People have had enough. Can’t you see that now almost everyone can’t stand anymore the same unlocks.
What makes it even more ridiculous is that they didn’t even put an effort to change some things put just added a fucking number 2 on it with a red background.
You literally have double identical items in the inventory to choose from once you unlocked everything from season 1.

I’m sure they are hearing and seeing all this but even if they do then what? Forgive them again and move on saying to ourselfS Well Hitman 3 will be better you’ll see
They have no excuse this time.

We bought again the same maps (Bonus) mission to support them because we are fans and this si what they give us?
The game is the most beautiful so far but the weapons and unlocks are sad to see.


I agree with you 150%. That said, as far as “effective gameplay” goes you have to admit that once we have everything unlocked from Legacy S1 Maps… we should be more than capable of tackling stuff in HITMAN 2.

The way forward though is to sort of “take inspiration with real life historical progress”. IOI don’t need to invent everything. It’s out there for them to adapt.

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Considering the unlocks and new guns are half of the fun of a new level for me, it can be quite annoying for me.

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Annoying and funny for me too. But it doesn’t really make me mad.

They can still sort of save it with a “MkII performance patch”. For example they make it so that the Jaeger 7 Mk II will gain Subsonic Ammo, but the Mk I will gain an increase in fire rate. Basically all the MkII’s can be given a slight edge.

Now imagine a fresh player buying season 1. He likes it so much, finish everything and at some point he says
You know what? I’m gonna get my self Hitman 2!

He installs the game, he re installs season 1 legacy pack and thinks
Cool! I have season 1 missions in Hitman 2.
Ahhh can’t wait to use some of the weapons and suits I already earned in this one.

Only to discover that he has to re do all the challenges again! To unlock the same weapons and gear again! To unlock the same weapons and gear with a sticker added on the new maps!

He would be like


Honestly literally every artist I know, regardless of medium (traditional, digital, 3D, etc) agrees that the guns are the fucking worst - particularly since the kind of people who look up what kinds of guns were at x new show will also be the ones who scrutinize all the designs and correct the fictional variants.

There’s also issues of licensing (which is why certain gun brands appear in every pro-'merica war themed shooter) and adjustments that do and don’t make sense. The original models for season 1 had the fore and read sights reversed - something that required you to basically lean right in to the screen to see - and people were dramatizing it as “embarrassing” (like their friend were going to walk in, walk up to the screen and shame them for playing a game with inaccurate gun models)

That’s before you get into the performance arguments (ie which gun is best), the balancing issues (making sure no gun ruins the game, or is useless), the animations (right action for the right gun, doesn’t clip through too much) and the audio issues… and guns are actually a major production item.

On top of that, if you have too many you either end up with the historical issue (everyone only uses one or two guns 'cause the rest suck) or the issue of choice paralysis (players wondering which of the fifteen different weapons they want, instead of playing the game and having fun)

@badeaguard: I hate to break it to you but actually not that many people care enough about guns to notice and get emotionally invested. I know because I care more about guns than most people.


But there are who does and we should speak for them too

Caveat… I found that I was actually quite happy to do all the challenges again in S1 Legacy Pack because then I could explore how to use the briefcase and other new mechanics. Tricking Dalia Margolis into relieving the guard on the balcony because I left a briefcase for her to give to this guard made me realize: “It’s a NEW game now. Even the old levels are now NEW!”

Yes yes… but maybe what your friends forgot to mention is everyone can now buy an armory…

I didn’t say there weren’t, I said that most players (ie your average “fresh player”) don’t care enough to get invested… particularly given that the series has moved more and more away from “just shoot people to kill them” (like it was the first three games) and more into providing a wide variety of murder options (poison, accidents, explosions, making other people shoot them, etc).

The title is “Hitman” not “Gun Collector With Dangerous Job”

On top of that, such over emphasis on weapons can easily create more issues with people wanting to know why doesn’t the game have realistic bullet physics, bigger maps so they can have full bullet drop effect, etc. It distracts from your goal to murder people.

Do these come vetted by copyright lawyers to ensure no licensing issues? No.
Are they likely to be able to pass any legal expenses on to the creator? Nope… they’re probably broke.
Do these have animations included and guarantees of consistent interaction with Glacier 2.0? No
Do these skins necessarily fit the art style for the rest of Hitman? No
Are these going to be seen as unique items worth collecting in the game? No, they’re going to look like assets from any company that pre-buys assets.
Do these address the animation issues in fitting to character rigging and animations? No.
Are they even guaranteed to be consistent quality between models? No.

Buying 3D party assets off a random storefront is fine for people doing hobby projects, indie games or ones where the art style factors into zero percent of the appeal - but it quickly gets very dull and comes with a whole host of issues. A “fresh player” is vastly more likely to be put off by a gun that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the aesthetic than he is to by having a two versions of the same gun but with a pink sticker.

Guns are complex machines that are alien objects to most folks… and weird sacred objects to others.


Let’s just say you’re far stricter than some studios’ legal departments. But ok. Point taken. :slight_smile:

I wish a sniper with a M107 Model, something that can be more powerful than the Lancer :smiley:

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Uh, uh,
IOI should go to infosec conferences in America as well, to learn about physical pentesting and to meet any cool people who may be there who play the game.


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined; HMF managed to go 34 posts into this thread without posting this very topical song;

[The Class - Gun Show]ttps://

If ever there was a time to use it, am I right? :wink:


I was going to make a post about copyrights /TMs on designs of guns, and renewing licenses for using them, but didn’t bother. (Off-topic: that’s what I’ve learned from SEGA and 2 of their previous gen games that I’ll not bother mentioning). But then my thinking was along the lines of licensed guns being patched out of games when the contract they had with whatever company expired… /gist

Agree. The best new unlocks for me are the bartolli shotgun, AK and silenced uzi. Very awesome weapons which actually exist. More of this please.