Suggestions For A More Realistic Hitman (Combats/Kills/Etc)


Hey There im New To This community i’ve finished all of hitman games multiple Times ( except silent assassin just once ) and i’m a Big fan just a Few Suggestions That i think the Game will get Better by them .

1 - Fiber Rope … When you suffocate someone i’d like to see the marks on victims neck something realistic
im sure the Game will become more enjoyable …

2- Better AI , Detection System , Unpredictable AI

3- More Disguises , Guns , Ways To kill and Actually some tips in mission to give you a clue of how to kill your target ( just improvements, i know there are clues and lots of ways to kill your target ) .

4 - Realistic Gore ( Like When you cut a Throat u will be able to actually see Details in Throat Im not talking about Gory games … just realistic and reasonable )

5 - Easter Eggs ( now i know there are a lot of easter eggs in game but we would be happy if there were more and better easters eggs, thanks )

6- and Over all This Community Needs a Realistic game now im not saying it’s a bad game no it’s a really good Game but i’m Sure We would all be happier if the game was more Realistic .


Welcome to the forum.

Please be aware that we discourage lists like these as they mix many different subjects into one thread, making discussion unproductive. Your wishlist covers areas which have been brought up extensively throughout the forum before and all of them have their own threads.

I’d encourage you to use the search function to find the appropriate topics and discuss further in there. Keep that in mind for next time as well.

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