Suggestions for the next in the series

We know that Hitman 3’s ending obviously leaves it open for future games in the franchise. Also, IOI, after making WOA and Project 007, will probably have some ideas for stuff they’d like to put in a new Hitman game developed from the ground up.

I obviously have some suggestions for stuff that now probably can’t/won’t make it to the current games, modded in by modders or IO themselves even with DLC.

In addition to what I’ve been harping on with more rifles/SMG-type weapons, I do have ideas about weapons customization. So that way, unlike WOA, but like Blood Money and I guess to a degree like Absolution, you don’t have to collect or unlock different versions of weapons for capabilities or design differences. You only may have to unlock the base weapon, but once you do, all customization is available.

By this, I mean (like some other games as well), you can have a base version of say the Silverballer pistol, or a rifle, shotgun SMG/PCC, or sniper rifle. In addition to having some base models/options in each category (different pistols/revolvers, assault/battle rifles, melee, etc), you can add sights, different barrels (shorter, longer, accuraized, suppressed, etc), different stocks for shoulder fired weapons. This is to give you the opportunity to customize weapons and gear to your specs, and what suits you and how you want to use it.

Also, instead of having to make different versions of automatic weapons that are full auto or semi-auto, make it so that the select fire weapons can be selected (via button command) between semi auto and full auto.

Also, maybe make different caliber weapons (or caliber conversions, especially for sniper rifles) for different purposes and effects. Though I did say sniper rifles, this can be applied to several different firearms.

OK, enough with weapons, weapons mods and such. Now gameplay elements. I’d like for there to be maybe a selectable third person over the shoulder view for aiming/close up viewing and a first person mode to suit those who prefer one over the other.

And also, instead of intel on your targets and the like, how about additional intel on the enviroment for opportunities to blend in, what gear may be best to use, to help formulate tactics and strategy, etc?

However, I’d want the various ways of eliminating targets and elements to encourage exploration to remain as well. I actually on days where I just got bored of taking out targets got a lot of gameplay and fun out of just exploring maps. And instead of (as hinted at above for weapons), have more achievements or feats or unlocks activated by discovery, again to encourage exploration and intel gathering on-site.

Of course, it’s implied above that I’d like for the next title in the Hitman franchise to still be open world and sandbox-like, one of the things that many of the maps in the WOA did IMO an excellent job of.

Anyone else have anything else that they’d like to see expanded upon or added or changed for the next Hitman game?

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I hope in the next game the world feels more alive and not as static. The WoA trilogy plays with this somewhat (the race in Miami, the family meeting in Dartmoor, the storm in Haven, etc.) but for the most part these changes are very scripted.

I’d like it if in the next game they really strive to make the levels feel more lived in: more NPCs that have complex routes, targets that change up their routes rather than cycle through the same handful of locations infinitely or need a mission story to get them to move, time of day and weather that’s constantly changing, vehicles that actually work and move around, more NPCs picking up and carrying items around the map, light switches that turn off and on (they did this in Himmelstein), etc.


I have wanted a target that comes and goes! I can’t remember where I put it but my idea was for the level to be a few blocks on a city. The target shows up a few game time mins after you start. S/He goes to meet someone (maybe at their office or a bar), then s/he goes to dinner, then to another bar or a night club, and then they leave. You could have maybe a way to get them to skip one stop or a way to get them to make an additional stop but the level is ultimately on a timer bc once the target finishes their evening they will leave the level. No need to make it as tight on time as the St Petersburg stake out felt when you’re first trying to get there in rime to take the shot, no need to make it tight at all, but no loops. Just one route and then gone.

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My requirements for the next game are not so intricate. I want it to be a continuation, not a reboot or a spin-off, although I would be ok with exploring the two seven year gaps in the storyline on either side of Absolution; I want David Bateson back as 47; I want Jane Perry back as Diana; and I want them to bring back the ICA. Anything past that, I’m willing to take what they give me.


Probably stupid, but I’ve gotten the sense that quite a few fans want it back, I wouldn’t mind having it back, and it was a staple in Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money and Absolution. Dual wielding pistols and small SMGs/PDWs. Or at least having the option.

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Absolution had the perfect dual-wielding setup. The pistols fired one at a time, you could easily swap between using one or using both, and you could add or remove the silencers with a button push. Add on the point shooting mechanic and human shield, and you had the best pistol usage in the series. I’d like that back.


My take on the dual wielding would be shooting conventionally with switching hands. 47 shoots with the gun in his right hand while his second gun in the left hand is at the ready, but not aimed at anything. The moment he unloads his first gun, he puts it down and starts aiming with the other fully loaded gun in his left hand instead. It would look less dumb. And less cool. Or maybe the other way around…

I wonder where the story is going to take us. We did just defeat the Illuminati (surprisingly easily at that), it’s going to be hard to top that.

Hence where my desire for the return of the ICA comes into play. The story could be 47 and Diana performing hits in rival organizations that got powerful in their absence, trying to find suitable agents, handlers, analysts, and couriers to recruit, etc… At the end of the game, they are successful, and have established their new agency.

I would say that 47 and Diana are too hardened and misanthropic to trust anyone but each other, but Diana did found and manage an assassination agency in Birth of a Hitman all while attending Oxford. She’s a fucking beast in that comic, I don’t know how she developed from British Ruth Langmore to Judi Dench. Did Soders sign her up for etiquette lessons?

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Necessity. She was like that because she had no other recourse. I think she found it distasteful, not really her thing to get so involved. Being surgical from a distance is more her style.

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Getting back to the weapons, I’d like to see a separate battle rifle category that’s distinct from assault rifles and sniper rifles. This would be for basically 7.62mm semi auto or select fire rifles, since in real life such things are distinct from normal assault rifles and sniper rifles.

I know IO said it wasn’t “realistic”. But there aren’t any (that we know of) genetically engineered killing machines in real life anyway. So I don’t get the hang-up on the “realistic” aspect.

47 would be ambidextrous. He could aim with his right hand just as well as he could with his left. He’d also have, not just a visual sense of where he needs to shoot - but he’d have a spatial awareness that he could almost feel inside his mind.

This is why it’s sad and disappointing that this feature isn’t present in the current game. Oh well. :confused:

I agree. I edited my post to bring more clarity to the fact that I propose switching hands, not switching guns.

Fun fact - in Absolution, when you’re in cover and you aim with a one-handed weapon to the left, 47 will use his left hand, reflecting his supposed ambidextrous nature :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe, but aiming with iron sights would still be more beneficial, especially at the bigger distances. That’s what I’m trying to take into account with the idea of mine - not trying to shoot with both guns at the same time, but still taking advantage of the ability to shoot with the same capability from either of the hands.

On topic of the story direction. I personally wouldn’t be against a decent franchise reboot.

Go back to the roots. Explore and flesh out 47’s initial lack of emotions, him getting to know the outer world after being imprisoned since birth, finding his place in life, learning of moral values, gradually developing his special relationship with Diana, facing the truth about his origin, facing his own creator.

Anybody else feeling this way? Or considering that would be a case of beating a dead horse? I think this is where 47’s character and its development could shine at its best, not without help of a more up-to-date cinematographic storytelling that classic games can’t offer to a modern player.

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I’d like to see maybe more places to perch and stakeout in order to get a lay of the land from a stealthy location. Such as various outcroppings, being able to climb trees (why not? 47 is a genetically enhanced human) and such.

Speaking of being genetically enhanced, what abilities would you like to see 47 have? He’s not exactly superhuman like most comic book characters, but he has strength, stamina, intelligence/perceptiveness and durability well beyond a typical human. Granted, in most games he can run faster than most people, and in Abosolution and even more so WOA he has extra perception as shown by instinct mode. So what else could he (reasonably) have that would be a useful gameplay mechanic?