Suit customization

What I mean by this is an option to change gloves and button up the suit. You would do this in the the menu where you pick your suit before a mission. This would be most useful for the location suit unlocks since you can’t wear them without gloves or change the type of gloves. (IO I hate to break it to you but as much as you love driving gloves they don’t really fit with a tuxedo and mask.) It would also be cool to button up a suit like the one from another life is, it would just be a cool little feature to add more customization to the suits. The main problem is with the gloves thought, half the suits just look ugly since they just slapped driving gloves on them even though the don’t fit the suit at all. TuxMaskGloves2018%20(2) This is not acceptable!


The didnt do shit about the famous Mark 2 Stickers and they wont do shit about the Suits.


They would have had to change a lot of unlocks to get rid of the stickers this is a lot simpler.

The ability to mix and match is an excellent idea. The primary reason for this would be to have Isle of Sgail’s face mask with any suit of choice. I personally definitely see myself using this for a Summer Suit + Corky the Clown combination.

Maybe on the next generation of consoles, but I’ll virtually guarantee you that we won’t see this for this trilogy.

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Probably not but the least they could do is at least change the gloves on some of the suits a lot of them are just straight up unusable for me since the gloves just make them look so incredibly bad.

This is one of my wishes for hitman 3.
Custom outfit option providing features like Head-wear (hats/caps/glasses/masks), tops(shirts/t-shirts/jackets/ties with or without pin), arms (gloves/watches),bottoms (pants/tights/shorts), feet(shoes) and then being able to save that custom outfit in a slot.

But i’m not sure if they are going to add something like this in hitman 2.

Probably not, I just wish they’d fix the gloves.

The gloves are fine for me, but spread them out. Make the driving gloves less common and maybe some suit-specific gloves here and there, like the Summer and Suburban suits, whose gloves match the colors and patterns of the suits they come with.

Ya that’s what I mean they put the driving gloves on things like the tux and suburban suit and they just look terrible.