Suit Reward Ideas for Hitman 2

Some suits will include unique game play changes.

Agent 17’s Suit - Nearly identical to 47’s signature suit, except with an orange tie and black sunglasses. Treated just like any 47 suit.

No. 48’s Suit - A disheveled and messy take on 47’s Signature Suit. Loosened tie, uneven collar, misaligned buttons, etc. Unlike the Terminus suit, this suit is clean, just sloppy. Treated just like any 47 suit, except NPC’s may comment about your alleged hang-over.

VIP Suit - A gold colored suit with black shirt and gold bow tie similar to Anthony Martinez’s in Blood Money. Devil mask not available. A special reward for completing all challenges - automatically allows 47 into VIP areas that require invitations or passes.

Albino Suit - An all-white suit with black shirt and black tie. Inspired by Parchezzi III’s suit in Blood Money.

Blood Money Suit Buttoned - 47’s Blood Money Suit buttoned closed.

47’s Signature Suit Buttoned - 47’s Signature Suit buttoned closed.

ICA Training Suit - Black Turtleneck sweatshirt with brown cargo pants. Standard ICA training outfit, same as seen in Patient Zero.

Ninja 47 - Same Ninja suit from Season 1. Hostile in secure areas. Draws suspicion from guards in all areas. Civilians are not alerted but will watch you and make funny comments. Eliminates noise of foot steps entirely, all melee attacks are silent as well. Reward for completing Silent Assassin on all maps. Using this disguise disables related challenges.

Vacation 47- Tropical swim shorts, white tank top, beach sandals, sun glasses, cabana hat and a splotch of white sun screen on the nose. May not conceal ANY weapons or items except coins and fiber wire. Can carry other items in hand only. Great time to bring along the sniper case. Meant for players who want an added challenge. There will be a set of challenges to go along with the suit, including one for completing the entire campaign while wearing it.


Nice ideas except for the ninja one because there already aren’t any footstep sounds in normal mode and pro is too limiting to be fun

Quite honestly I hope this changes, the completely random removal of footstep sounds on the Colorado patch bothered me infinitely more than headturning ever has.


Good ideas :wink: I’d like an outfit like this though:


I’d love them to add something like a custom mode where you can change everything to your liking. On/off head turning, foot step sound, enchanced cameras(like in pro mode), more guards, items on NPCs, 47’s health, suspicious items, ruined disguises and so on. But that’s unlikely as the leaderboards will be messed up

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Superman costume.

You know I had to do it to ‘em

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Please not. I can’t image 47 with an outfit so horrible :rofl:


I don’t know if I live the idea of having a suit that gives you gameplay benefits as it would just mean that players would just always wear the suit, as there would be no reason not to. I do like the idea of a suit that makes you hostile everywhere, like the ninja.


A t-shirt saying “Still better than Kane & Lynch”


If this ends up not carrying stuff over from s1, I’d love for them to add the 2016 suit with the watch fixed. It was in the artworks but ended up tucked under his sleeve.

All I want is the Buttoned Up BM Suit or the Buttoned Up Version of the Signature Suit. Is that too much to ask, like all they have to do is change the texture of the Requiem Suit from S1 to be black instead of white.

I’d also like a Agent 17 suit from Hitman 2.


Nightlife 47 (Miami)

White Dragon 47 (China/Hong Kong)

Black Dragon 47 (China/Hong Kong)

Bad Guy 47 (Las Vegas)

Straight Arrow 47 (London)

Death in A Suit 47

Either of these for Safari 47 (the Amazon Rain Forest)


suit reward like this?


Suits inspired by Anthony Martinez and Mark Parchezzi should be a given by now.


Yakuza 47!.. interesting.

maybe a Japanese level infiltrating the yakuza, and one of these being a disguise???

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Vacation 47 (Malta).


I’d like a series of suits worn by Elusive Targets from Season 1.


Yes please. Especially with the no footstep sounds perk.

I woundn’t mind unlocking a Ken Morgan suit: