Summer 2024 Road Map speculation

Hi, Does anyone know when the Summer 2024 load out is coming?

Any idea of what to expect, from new missions?

Or new Esclations, weapons, suits?

I wish they had an elusive pass or something you could buy as an add on.

Which would let you play every elusive target ever created at anytime. I realize Elusive would be meaningless at that point but it be great to have everyone beaten.

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The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
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You mean the roadmap right? AFAIK we know nothing except that there’s a new ET coming.

(At first I was super excited because I thought IOI would finally let us save a default loadout for each location, but it quickly became clear that wasn’t what you were talking about :confused: )


With such a title, I thought that the roadmap was out and this was the topic for it. Oh well.

For what you asked @Louis_Adelman, as said we don’t know anything about what will be in the roadmap. But for what you proposed:

  • escalation: there was one hinted at in february 2023 for Year 3. But it then disappeared. It was so tentative that IOI didn’t even put it in the “the road ahead” roadmap that scheduled the whole year. They talked of it on the sideline.
  • permanent ET: it won’t happen. Everyone is asking for them. It won’t happen until the live service ends. ETs are too central to the live service model. They cannot make them permanent without sabotaging it.
  • weapons, suits: unlocks are probable. One item unlock is released per month for a year now. There are no reason to stop. The game has enough items to be made unlockable for the rest of the year.
  • new missions: highly doubtful. Outside of the celebrET. It’s not impossible. It would demand a complete change compared to what we know.
    (The live team dedicated to Hitman is a minimal one. The crew might fluctuate according to larger deals, but not in the baseline. There are no indication of new large content in the data leaks.)

And @Melusca, agree with you. Hitman 2 had a “favourite loadout” function that I miss dearly. I don’t even think that it would be hard to implement it with a toggle in the option.


The last of the spring map, has June 10. So I’m thinking June 11. They will be changing it to summer.

I was just hoping if someone had an add or email of any news.

The last update came March 22. So we are do for a summer change.

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Not true. Put new unlocks behind current Year ETs and people will have to play them if they want the unlocks, even if permanent ETs are available, because it will be tied only to the ET with the specific Year designation. Problem solved.


That’s what I was thinking. I was hoping for an Add-on for ET, Esclations,

I would like to see Sarajevo expanded to all maps.

The Vector in Colorado, I would like to see a few more long range missions like that.

Hawkes Bay and other large open area maps would do well.

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How would that work exactly?
Like do you mean the original Sarajevo Six could be played on the other version (s) of the map? Eg Scott Sarno on Paris as well as on Holiday Hoarders.
Or do you mean every map from the other games in the trilogy?

A roadmap isn’t likely to contain anything substantial, other than the CelebrET.

Assuming it spans all of summer, it will also likely contain a few Featured Contracts batches, a new challenge per month and some Year 4 ETs. There may also be another Twitch Drop since the last two CelebrETs have had one as well.

Given that the Year 4 ETs have pretty much been in the same order as Year 3, the returning ETs are likely The Procurers, The Ex-Dictator, The Appraiser, The Iconoclast and The Politician (and in that order).


Next Feature contract I heard maybe created by KD‘s Sohm Comp community

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Yes,We need this Summer change。

We need new elusive target and new suits and props for this month, rather than some year3 elusive targets to satisfy our Hitman players. If there are any personal thoughts, I will delete them immediately


They already gave the Gunrunner Year4 and “Jimmy Chen”, so I assume there are more ETs. I would like a new superyacht level.


I just want the Camouflage Suit from Codename 47 as an unlockable, please.


It’s already there, but the camo is too good. :wink:


I keep thinking of Combatglue stating this year would be explosive. Of course the Celebrity ET will be a big part of it but there is likely to be something else, we’re only halfway through the year i and i feel like Fox Mulder, i believe.


He looks like Schwartznegger in Predator.

This would look excellent in

Columbia and Colorado,

Even Marrakesh


Exactly. And just for extra measure, I would give it the same values as the Ninja and White Shadow outfits as in being considered starting suits with restrictions like entereing the cementery in Sapienza during World of Tomorrow.


The obvious guesses are two or three challenges with unlocks, featured contracts and ETs mk 4. The meat of the roadmap will more likely be the new ET, which will probably also include a twitch drop and maybe an arcade DLC, just like with The Undying.

While I do agree that permanent ETs are not happenig this roadmap, I think it’s going to be added by the end of the year or the beginning of the next one since this is most likely the last year of content we’ll get. I don’t see how feasible it is for IO to keep releasing and crowding the ET career tab with the same ETs over and over again every year until the servers are shut down.

If we want to fantasize however, I’m still hoping for my ET arcade roulette damn it :cry:.


That’s honestly the best guess here. No further comments really.

I wonder if they ever thought of 3 or more Elusive’s at the same time.

I know we had the 2 in Bangkok,