Summer 2024 Road Map speculation

Bro wanna “delete personal thoughts” on a forum :skull:

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Sounds like a harmless ESL translation error to me. :woman_shrugging:

And also like something Edwards would say to 47 after the bad ending.


I hope they release the butcher themed items pack.


At the beginning of Year 4, I was hoping that the Butcher-themed Items Pack would be announced in the Spring Roadmap, especially since Hitman: Contracts was originally released in April. It seemed like a great way to pay tribute to the old game.

However, I’ve noticed that it hasn’t been announced as I anticipated…


We should be getting details around the Summer roadmap anytime fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:


I believe roadmaps typically drop on a Thursday, but with them now being seasonal that probably doesn’t mean anything anymore.

As for content, we will almost certainly see the following:

  • New ET info along with unlocks (like the undying)
  • Maybe an Elusive Target Arcade for the new ET and premium cosmetics too
  • Release date / window for Hitman Reloaded
  • Several more returning ETs
  • Several more featured contracts
  • A few more challenges with a range of unlocks

We could also see a patch at some point fixing (and hopefully adding) some extra content. Would love to see some Freelancer love. I’m still holding out for those bonus maps as potential map variants - even if it’s only deluxe owners who get it.

Aside from that, I don’t think there will be anything more substantial - but I hope I’m wrong!


Just Saw Marrakesh and Isle of Sgail with elusive targets set in 4 days.

The 10th marked the last scheduled ET in Berlin

So with a countdown scheduled, I think an update is coming.

My Gut says it’s coming within 4 days, otherwise I’m trying to figure out why 2 ET are set to be available in 4 days.

Activating existing ETs does not require an update.


True, but it gives us possible hope. Plus every ET I seen is usually scheduled within a roadmap

Of course roadmapless ETs has already shattered my perfect record because I thought I was finally able to take a break from continuous ETs. Hopefully it comes back at the end of the year but with my luck this is the one time it won’t happen.

Expecting something on tomorrow or Friday. I just want more legacy suits and costumes that reference the older games. Also some new weapons would be nice (no more melee ones, please).


I’m obligated to:

Silenced Striker, please.


I’m amazed that IO found ways to be even more terrible with communication tbh.

They really should have created an interim roadmap with what comes between The Liability and whatever is on the next roadmap on it. People complained about missing ETs at the start of the year when they didn’t roadmap the first four Y4 ETs, and yet they did the same thing again. :confused:

Now that the game has the stupid Live tab so ETs aren’t even displayed on the main page anymore when you connect to the servers, they should be trying to communicate more rather than less to make people aware of things that are time limited.



To relieve the Blood Money days of customizing the Silverballer with a suppressor and magnum rounds.


That’s exactly why I keep proposing a silenced striker. Because I know it’s not alien to the franchise.
It’s part of the classic charm of it, really.

(it would also be plain fun)

Call it the “Classic Striker”, “Classic Magnum”, (or, because Heisenberg is watching, Bloodballer).
Give it the characteristic of the striker, and the sound radius of the silenced shotgun/rifle/sniper for balance. And have at it.
Further proposal: there is currently an unused model for a silenced ICA19 baller in the files. Begging to be used.

(fun fact, for some reason the finished model of it was used in the illustration of the Ice Cold Cowboy challenge, in November 2021, the one to unlock the polar survival suit.)

@Combatglue. Please ?


So they turned this beauty into the Iceballer? if so, was a disservice, IMO.

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No, not even that. The Iceballer is actually a brand new model. That uses the Bartolli model as the baseline.
This particular model, present in the concept art of Hitman 3, is a DTI version of the silverballer that still remains unused and untouched.

Its use in the challenge illustration was certainly accidental.
The challenge is not the one for the Iceballer (December 2022, the Ice to Meet You challenge), but the polar suit one (november 2021, Ice Cold Cowboy). They are both in Hokkaido, and named similarly, so confusing them is easy.

The concept art of the Hitman 3 DTIs. (left, second down)
(and yes, that is the Freelancer assassin pistol at the bottom left, it was also first cut and then repurposed later on)

Illustration of the Ice Cold Cowboy challenge
(and yes, it visual similarity with Dexter/Hokkaido with the unlock condition of the original Striker is why i think of it for my wish list item)




I might replace the floral baller with that as my default pistol…