Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)




:stuck_out_tongue: i have found the bosco’s trailer key, the fuel case key, but not the car key, searching some more…


Well, you only wanted a tiny hint, thats it :wink:


Wish I could play this. Pretty sad IOI forgot about their episodic customers :frowning:


hahaha oh wait! i thought you were relaxing :joy: but i think i know what you mean :wink:


We will see, let us know, you lazy norwegian :wink:


Oh boy… wait for the flag :joy:, not by me that is.


I found the key!!! but i was sure i had already searched there… but apparently not good enough.


Haha wouldn’t be suprised


Let me know if you remove it, so i can remove it from my quote :smiley:.


Because of my hint?:smirk:

No i am not going to remove it mate


:smiley: yes!!!

If you say so mate, it’s your regular status on the line :smiley:



I got flagged 3 days ago, so doesn’t matter anyway


LOL what was it this time?


I already showed you, that lazy norwegian joke remember?


Yes i remember and it sucks because it was just a joke.

Here is a picture of a agent 47 who is proud of his new car :smiley:



It’s alot better than that shitty vehicle he escapes with in AHBOS


hihihihi i got the ICONATOR!!! :smiley:

I haven’t played that yet, i have to drown a target and kill a target with headshot in The Icon first.


Still dont have that yet because i missed a step in one of the opportunities, and i dont know which. And dont want to do them atm haha. Think its silly that mastery is linked to completing opportunities.


HEY! You leave Courage the Cowardly Dog’s only means of transport alone!!!