Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


Simply one of the greatest shows of all time!


I think IO-I had to, since you don’t get xp in this bonus episode.


Meh i don’t like it one bit, just because i skipped over a step that wasn’t needed anyway it doesn’t unlock. Bullshit


It’s ironic how you found those keys without finding the car key.

Did you even use the trailer key and went into the trailer? :smile:


I have to say, i was a bit surprised when i found out that i had to finish opportunities to unlock the two rewards.

hahaha agree, i didn’t search good enough the first time and thought the key must be somewhere else, but it wasn’t :smiley:.


Where is the trailer key? I always snuck in


in the resturant/icebar


Thank you for the assist!


Got SA/SO kinda by accident with an accident kill. lol but i am cool with that. i was recording to expose a bug but it end up working in my favor so i guess i wont complain.


I was just playing The Icon and as soon as the level started I got an accident kill for the target (Dino Bosco) and I didn’t do anything, I don’t know what happend. As soon as I saw the message I headed for the exit.

The easiest SA/SO ever! I’m #19 on The Icon leaderboards right now.

Must be some kind of a bug since I was playing again and an NPC was accidentally killed on the set without my intervention.

I guess movie sets are really dangerous after all.

I’m on PS4


I FINALLY was able to do that yesterday . It was a total pain in the butt having to take out both the guy nearby AND the lady that takes her break in that alcove near the fuse box AND making sure the guard on the street doesn’t see you AND nobody on the street can see you AND subduing the guy talking to the fortune teller with his heightened “always looking at 47” awareness.[quote=“HMBM47, post:759, topic:9119, full:true”]
In Marrakesh I’m currently trying to lead the target through the side door of the cafe. Since the game intends for me to lead him to the roof, I can’t.Artificial restrictions… Boo!
I got around this too. I killed the bodyguards to the entrance with a sniper rifle and I was able to lead Matthieu through the entrance. As expected, neither of the targets knew who the other was and both continued with their usual dialog and routines.[quote=“Hitman_Lee, post:900, topic:9119”]
Im terribly dissappointed by the lack of time triggered events.

I waited 30 minutes and the two targets never meet up in House built on Sand.
Since the beginning, everything has evolved around what the developers want you to do and 47 is the one that triggers those events. (There’s also the blatant “clues” NPCs blurt out to steer you in the “right” direction.)
In my eye, they have made 47 the main character. (When I think he should be more of a supporting character, or more accurately an onlooker that occasionally “throws a wrench into the already working clockwork” (Beating a dead horse opinion and analogy. :wink:))
BUT… this is how it’s ALWAYS been from the beginning, and I see no sign of it changing.
I’ve come to terms with this (for the most part). Doesn’t mean I fully support it.
Yet, I still LOVE the game to death. Go figure… Haha


So I just completely, randomly went to watch one video and… Half-Life 3 confirmed


This is true to an extent. bur i was talking about for example in Paris. The fashion show ends after 15 minutes. helmut eventually goes up to meet with dhalia.

in sapienza. the doctor lafayette eventually goes to meet caruso.

in marrakesch, the waiter eventually delivers the lamb chops to zaydan.

all these happen without specific triggers. so why nothing in the two new missions. I think if Season 2 happens IO should take a long hard look at involving more npc to npc interactions. much like GTA. this will really take Hitman to the next level


It was MAZAL TOV for me" says the guard on the roof (“House built on sand” episode) :slight_smile:
Hebrew in Marrakesh! Peace Amen! :pray:
Some sanity to this world would be good for humanity!



I am new to this forum and i have a question. I had all challenges but now they added three new ones :confused:

Can please somebody help me with Poison IV because i am missing something and can’t seem to crack it and i want to go on with the new ET and bonus episode…

Thanks for the help :wink:


Give me a sec, taking pictures which will help you :smiley:.


[spoiler]Start with the poison:

Go to here:

Poison the food on plate:

Find this guy:

Wake him up with the radio:

He goes and take the poisoned food to the general:



Thanks, that is awesome, i came as far as the 5 first pics so now i know what i was missing :slight_smile:


only true shame is you cant bring it to the general yourself…


Honestly, i don’t think we need to, since the game mechanics is what it is, by waking up waiters to carry the poisonous food for us.


Hitman has always been rich with choice, I wouldn’t mind the choice