Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


We should be able to deliver the food.


Only you, you are the chef assassin for crying out loud :joy::stuck_out_tongue::wink:


So, this was kind of funny. I was playing AHBOS, trying to go for one of the challenges. I was walking by and meant to grab a soda can, but because I already had a screwdriver, I accidentally exposed a wire right in front of the group of shopkeepers. I got mad and went full fuck-it mode, taking out six people, and was surprised to find that I actually contained the whole thing, bodies hidden and all.


Do you get off on emojis?


Get off what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::wink:


Oh, my naive little child…


hahaha oh that ingrobny


Interaction with the target only & no one else. Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Only/No Coins Used (HUD Display Off)


Is there some trick to view the images in your post? I’ve seen this before with your posts containing images in spoiler tags. At least it doesn’t work in my preferred browser, Firefox. However, I just checked and it works in Chrome.

[edit]Strange. I’ve just updated Firefox, restarted it, refreshed the page, and it’s working now.[/edit]



Interaction with the 2 targets only & no one else. Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Only/No Coins Used (HUD Display Off)


I like these pushes.


I have a feeling we’ll have such an opportunity in the future…


My summary of the summer bonus episode/s: Well done IOI! I was enjoy them both so much!!! in fact all those opportunities and challenges are so cool/funny/amazing! along with latest 3 ETs and latest escalations this game back to positive track!

Here are some more positive points:

  1. Episode Loading time improved! (for all levels) how you did it? :wink: can you try even more to improve it?
  2. The DRM disconnection back to menu seems to be solved too (now it’s a nice one click for re-connect even if we in the middle of the level or even if PS4 go to sleep - this is how perfect recovery should be! kill DRM)
  3. The game engine and flow is much more smooth and cool to play (now it’s a good time to think about the first DLC when season concludes for WoA1 (how about remake fan favorite old HITMAN episodes?)
  4. Confirmed - All challenges is working 100% now (PS4)
  5. More blood animations - not completely clear but better (aka Clever,Fire Axe, Battle Axe, Katana)

Here are some missing points:

  1. Rifle case (+animations of extract/holster the sniper) - hopefully it’s planned/appear this season!
  2. Better sniper rifle (Silent + zoom x3 or more) - hopefully it’s planned/appear this season!
  3. Nobody announce what will happen when season concludes… when we’ll have more content like DLC? WoA2? any due date? etc.) - can’t live without HITMAN action (e.g. after Absolution till March 11, 2006)
  4. It seems like the only one unique item we have for the Full Experience pre-order players is the white blood money (requiem) for example the ducky (in red instead white) is available later on for all players as well. I think we entitled for more!


I like this video! (and I like this level!) and I like this game!


I have just played The Icon, it is fun to see how IO-I can change a map, i’m really enjoying the summer bonus episode :smiley:.

Yes please :smiley:.

IO-I have said they are working on a rifle case, so i think we will see it in-game sooner or later.

If we are lucky, maybe we will have more escalation, elusive targets and many featured contracts while we are waiting for season 2.


I love chandeliers

@ingrobny :kissing_heart:


hahaha nice :smiley:, i shot in the freezers doors (i think it is freezer doors) behind the guard, well done @Fortheseven :smiley:.


Thanks for helping with triggering the 2nd evacuation!

Also @Spoderman <3


:smiley: no problem, don’t thank me, thank my i :wink: