Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


I remember after E3 2015, some GIFs was leaked of the game that Showed us 47 with his Suitcase in the Showstopper Mission and I hope it will be one of Unlockables in next Episode


The Alpha had the briefcase, yeah.


I like Alpha more than it is now :smile:


hey guys,is this New? Planes in Sapienza
i haven’t seen them before in the game :confused:


Not bad for the first playthrough of A House Build no Sand :smiley:.

But i used over an hour, what a change of the scenery :smiley:, Marrakesh by night is awesome!


They were there before.


The Icon with a poison syringe in 1:04 (SA)


So sick. This is why I subscribed to your channel. Is it just me or did they remove the inject sound? I guess no sound is more “realistic”. Now to change the animation…and I really like the music and audio cues on this level even though it’s the same stuff we hear in the cinematics.


Thank you! Yeah, there used to be a noticeable injection sound, right? I’m kind of surprised they would cut it purposely, as the overall sound design is quite overly loud and detailed for a hyper real immersion effect.


Holly sh… wow first time I’ve seen this! so it’s probably really exists on IOI features board I guess!
Happy to know that thanks and have a lovely week!


Was just playing the icon went down to the toilet area picked up the fuel cage key in a film crew disguise. Crime noticed pops up and some guy runs to the guards saying I’m packing heat. I was definitely not holding any weapon :smile: good old Hitman.


I could imagine someone attempting a prank of this nature on 47 and ending up with their necks snapped.


cool mate!

“20 chars”


Just poisoned him the same way except I used the police disguise.


I really like both missions but If I had to pick I prefer the overall feel of “A House Built on Sand”.


I like Marrakesh, but i dislike the music played over the speakers and the cobra flute dancing type of flute :smiley:.

Marrakesh by night is top notch.


I am satisfied with both missions as a whole and I prefer the house built on sand. That stage really feels alive even more so than the day time version. I hope for more levels like that.

I dislike that the unlocked items are so throw away.


Do you mean a screwdriver to expose wires? i can’t find a screwdriver :cry: so i can’t shock the target who has the file.


There is one in the staff only room in the cafe. Also you could just shoot it, same result


wow that was like a Freudian slip or something on my part.

I actually meant to type ‘unlockable’

The bomb and the knife are nothing special we already have those with the main missions.

The screw driver is in the employee room of the lounge.
Also you can shoot the cord.