Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


Steal the key of the maintenance guy and the room is in the alley close to the spices shop he stops.


Ah ok, i found a key to a maintenance room, but i didn’t find the room.

Thanks for the tip, i didn’t know that, i always run around searching for screwdrivers… another reason why i’m not a speedrunner :joy:.


The iconator has funny lines though


Am I the only one super disapointed by the fact you can’t wear the bullet proof suit?


I let 47 die on the first run just to try. I was equally disappointed at the fact he didn’t change out of it in his blasted trailer.


I’m up to my old shenanigans. KERPLOW, KERPLOW!


Nice shooting.

This is how the game should be played crisp clean shooting popping out of no where and killing everyone before they even react.



Aimbot, VAC ban pls


Lololololol PS4 fam don’t even trip


I need some help with A House Build on Sand, how do i sneaking away, break out and truck off?


Have a crowbar and you will be able to use the two escape points.


What spodey said, and for truck off pick up the key in the cafe outside area, and escape with the truck


[quote=“Spodey, post:1026, topic:9119”]

Have a crowbar and you will able to use the two escape points.

Thanks guys! :smiley: I searched for the key, but i could not find it, so it’s in the outside area? thanks for not give away the exact location, but just narrowed my search area :smiley:.


You will able yes


lol goddammit, I missed that mistake. Fixed though.


This one took me a LONGGGGG time. :frowning:

Step 1: Walk behind the main Café area and climb the pipe up to the top floor.
Step 2: Sneak out to the second floor and use a coin to distract the manager and hide behind some shrimp.
Step 3: Wait until she complains about the Icon and once she leaves sneak back into the clocktower.
Step 4: Head to the building those houses the camera equipment, destroy it and then head to the window.
Step 5: Shoot the lighting rig in order to turn off the lights.
Step 6: QUICKLY! Head down the stairs and wait until the Icon appears.
Step 7: STRANGLE HIM, and stash his body into the bin while quickly heading into the basement.


I set off 2 explosions to do SA/SO. At first, Bosco retreated to the cafe basement. When security gave the all clear, he left the room before the security guards. On the second explosion, he left after all the security. So I snuck up behind him as he was about to leave the clock tower and fibre wired him.


Maybe it’s been mentioned already, but I only now noticed that the conversation between Mendola and the fortune teller is different if you’ve already killed Kong. That’s some nice attention to detail.


I wonder if anyone has figured out exactly how many different conversations Mendola can have in the fortune teller’s den… :slight_smile: