Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


is plate carrying ever gonna be in season 1?


That made me check what happens when you subdue Mendola, steal the documents and have somebody wake him up. Unfortunately the conversation is the same as the one when Kong is dead.


Almost exactly :wink: There are variations based on the, uh, authenticity of the fortune teller as well as the status of the meeting.

I can’t really comment on that, sorry. :no_mouth:


So let’s start with the good. A House Built on Sand was AWESOME. I loved it. The level was so vibrant and felt alive, with people moving about the souk, guards patrolling, a hookah cafe, etc. Finally some atmosphere. Gameplay was also much improved. Tailing people, observing their movements to sneak in to a certain area, knocking them out to take their keys, etc. It was all so great. Agent 47 really felt like a hitman. This is what I have been waiting for all along so great job I-O. If future episodes continue to use this framework and these improvements, then I will thoroughly enjoy them.

Unfortunately The Icon was just plain bad. I liked the setting and the idea of the hit. It was fun and different. But it ended up being beyond frustrating. There were FAR too many people who could detect you or reverse what you did (setting up the robot teeth kill for example). Every little thing was noticed by someone and that just served to make the experience unpleasant. It was an example of what NOT to do and I sincerely hope that future episodes follow A House Built on Sand rather than this one. I know that trial and error is the name of the game but when it (still) takes too long to load everything, it just becomes annoying.


I agree that Icon is a little cramped and fairly difficult to avoid some enforcers. I think it’s likely that it was designed before they decided to increase the alertness of NPC’s in the latest patch.

I do find it interesting that you liked tailing people in HBOS but not the Icon though - if you’d listened to the guy that undoes what you did to the robot teeth you would have over-heard his colleague telling him to go and double check that everything was safe!

What other stuff gets undone in Icon?


Well that’s a big part of the issue. I couldn’t stick around to hear the guy because he became suspicious of me and I had to run out of there. Aside from that nothing critical gets undone.

I think what you said about the whole designed before patching is correct but that’s just a bad oversight on I-O’s part. It’s almost like they don’t play the episodes before they’re released. You’d think they’d notice how frustratingly difficult it is and work on it. Or just apply the patch selectively, such that it doesn’t make the NPC’s more alert in The Icon. I don’t know. At least I-O is taking their time with Thailand. I don’t mind the wait.


I only played the icon twice. The first time i ragequitted without killing the target, not only because of frustration but because the level is straight up garbage, felt like Absolution all over again. I killed the target the second time through some cheesy oppurtunity. A house built on sand is a different story. I find it better than the actuall marakesh level just because of the atmosphere. The mission just feels great overall, with nice assassination opportunities and a good story to it. however i was dissaponted with the fact that you have to trigger the secret meeting for it to happen.


I liked The Icon!

You guys have to remember that even in real life, the area or situation you would be in, isn’t always huge, open and has a lot of entry points or routes!
I think it’s nice with a bit of variation! :open_hands:
It’s sad that the Concert part isn’t there! But then again, it wouldn’t fit in during the recording of a movie.

A House Build On Sand is great too! It has a nice vibe! I tried to play it with the soundtrack from H:SA and Contracts and the Hitman feel was spot on! :ok_hand:
I also like all the new ways you can blend in! They should carry those over to A Gilded Cage! :open_hands:


The Icon should maybe have been made as an alternative version of the ICA facility. That large in-door area would have worked as a movie set. Setting in Sapienza just felt weird. A House Built on Sand worked in Marrakesh, maybe better than A Gilded Cage. But yeah, The Icon sucked. Hopefully IO will release another alt version of the map that makes better use of the environment - there were pics floating around of a concert?

The Icon is my absolute least fav mission in Hitman 2016, which sucks as a hit on a film set should have been such an amazing/memorable level. :frowning:

In fact, I’m not done moaning about this. How can you make a level on a sci-fi film set and not give 47 the chance to get on set in a crazy alien costume? It’s a great idea shoddily executed. Hopefully IO will make a proper mission in Hollywood in the future.


Colt is right on the money. I understand your point about not everything being a big open space and I’m with that. Closed in environments can be very fun if done right. The problem with Icon is the enforcers. An excessively aware AI can ruin tight spaces, especially in games like this.


Last time I played the Icon, I remember being pretty free to move around with a security or Kaboom guy disguise.


That looks so much more awesome than The Icon.

But again, it would be difficult to implement the whole map.

I guess that’s the problem with Sapienza, it’s not generic enough to be totally repurposed without sealing off large areas of the level (the mansion/biolab/ruins).


Ye i didn’t like the icon either, because of how restrictive and limited your options were for a nice kill, also having 2 targets is just more fun, since then you can play around more with the timing and the order of doing things. But the enforcers didn’t bother me all. It’s the level design itself that was a dissapointment.


I never had any problems with the enforcers! It’s a movie set, they’re supposed to know more or less everyone to get the whole scene to work on film!

The only problem I had, is guards randomly turning their heads and spotting me, in areas I’m not allowed to be in with my suit.
Had to restart a few times On the left side, right at the entrance of Carusos gate. It’s an easy way behind the scenes when you’re doing SA/SO, but the two guards spotted me a lot of times.

But I think it’s good! it’s tense, and it has a pretty good amount of security (which a movie set placed in the middle of a town would have).


Okay, i have done all challenges in A House Build on Sand, except Dropping the F-bomb, what is that and what do i have to do :thinking:?
Please give me a little clue :smiley:.


There must be an F-bomb to drop somewhere.


On both targets or just one of the targets?


I think the picture from that challenges provides all the hints you need my friend


We know you don’t like dropping F-bombs, but you can fucking do it! :smiley:


Trying out something right now, i don’t know if it’s right… don’t say i HAVE to use FE? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit in a min or so :smiley:.

Thanks guys i did it with the silenced sniper rifle!!! :smiley: