Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


That’s it, i have officially finished the summer bounus episode :cry: no more challenges left to do, both rewards are obtained. In my opinion, upgrade pack was money well spend :smiley:.


Finished the summer bonus episode, after it didn’t work for the first 10 days from constant crashes :joy:


Glad you enjoyed it :smiley:


I think the Icon could have been better if it followed the Marrakesh pattern. Closed off the Villa Caruso and the ETHER biolab and shown the towns nightlife. A house built on Sand definitely takes the cake for one of my favorite Hitman Levels.


HBOS is excellent. it satisfies a lot of ppl’s smaller focused level design itch


Ha. Whoa, so apparently if you disable the lights right after Dino calls “ACTION!” on the set, the animatronic alien will then proceed to trample over him, causing an accident kill. This was completely unexpected.


Awesome, that looks like a stellar way to get SA/SO on this wretched level. :smiley:


That’s exactly what happened. Ended up getting 100% trophy completion once I escaped. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a planned method of killing him either.


That’s the method @GuLe used a couple of weeks ago to get the fastest method for this level. Here is his video, SA/SO (53s). He posted it in this thread, but it’s so long now it is easily missed. The detonation of the remote explosive has the same effect as turning the lights out. It interrupts his run towards the launch pad and the mechanical robot runs him over. It’s all about timing, knowing when to detonate.


My demonstration of how gunshot distractions were destroyed in this patch…


Funny when you threw the coin. They have to switch it back.


Woah, steady on!! This is a polished AAA title we’re talking about here, not some rushed-out-the-door, early access pile of garbage!!!


How to express your opinion: I dislike the game; I think it seems rushed and early-access.



im thoroughly confused. do you not enjoy this game at all then?


Easy fellows, maybe you misinterpreted my last post!! I was expressing my relief that Hitman is not a glitched-to-fuck, buggy beta masquerading as a professional game released episodically!!

I mean, the game is so good, IO need to find new things to break with every new patch, just to give other developers a chance!!


Yeah I figured I wasn’t the first, but it’s still a damn fine example of unscripted methods to kill a target. Kinda why I wish they didn’t patch the breaching charges ability to send extinguishers flying.

Speaking of which, I do so hope I can kill an Elusive target with the alien in the near future.


Finally brought myself to playing and maxing this episode, gotta say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Sapienza map was a bit meh and stale but night market Marrakesh I actually enjoy more than the main map.

They were small but had this all killer no filler feel to it, especially A House Built On Sand. I like that it actually used some of that limited verticality in this level, it actually had a purpose this time.


Marrakesh at night is now for me the second best map, but still far from day time Sapienza.



Thanks, duck, for giving us viable paths in The Icon…