Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


AND it was in the spotlight! Glorious!


Btw everyone


Sad to hear that. I expected something cool like a revisit to the ICA facility or something completely new. The bonus Marrakech mission was awesome though.

This also pretty much confirms there are no plans to do different versions of the other maps which makes me kinda sad. Especially thinking about how good A House Built On Sand was compared to A Gilded Cage.

But then again, this is the Hitman twitter after all. Any news from that should be taken lightly.


I was attempting a SASO run of the icon. I came up with what I thought was an easy plan.

[spoiler] I go around and up the drain pipe into the bathroom of town hall. Then I go upstairs and destroy the evidence bc the camera just saw me. Next I toss something on the stairs, one AV guy comes down from the tower and I subdue and hide him, repeat for the security dude.

The plan was then to use my pistol to shoot the camera and have said camera fall onto bosco. I can’t figure out how to get him there though. [/spoiler]

Please help.


Just KO the woman, the technician and the security guard close to the door that connects with the townhall, then just climb using the stairs next to the trailer and wait for Bosco to enter while you cover yourself using the wall where the battle axe is, subdue him and snap his neck. Take his car keys and get out using the trailer rooftop and go again to the main entrance of Sapienza.


This is how I did it:
I snuck into the basement where the agency pickup is and went to the front door of the clock tower. Lure the security guard standing there into that room and knock him out. After hiding his body make sure the coast is clear & sneak to Bosco’s trailer. Climb the ladder as fast as possible and drop inside the trailer. Wait for Bosco in his closet and kill him when he has his back to you. Steal his car keys off the table with the marble bust and sneak out the way you came. Take his car out of there.


You can delete the evidence, go up to the door on the bottom floor (the one overlooking the trailer), throw a distraction for the guard outside and knock him out, then climb up the ladder of the trailer (watching out for Kaboom guy who sometimes goes to take a drink and will see you). Bosco cannot spot you in the trailer, so you can kill him there silently, then get out from the same path.


You guys all rock for responding so fast. I thank you. I think maybe I miscommunication my question though. What I was curious about is has anyone gotten that camera to fall on him? If so how? I tried a distraction shot but can not seem to lure him to the correct spot. Maybe it’s Undoable.


Camera? Idk what you’re talking about. I’ll have to replay the level


You can get the camera to fall on him?


I got it!!!

Sometimes I feel like i need more patience.

you have to wait till he does the shoot and then comes back towards the fountain to yell at everyone. I marked the approximate spot in yellow. Then if you shoot the light control box he will get mad about the lights and then go do the QA session. A couple steps later is when you shoot the camera


Glad someone figured this out. I was trying an immediate panic and camera shot while he ran for lockdown, but never actually hit him with the camera. Kept coming close, though.


That’s some mad Photoshop skillz there, dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip though, never knew you could do that. Gonna try it out tonight.


This disappoints me too, especially as one of the beardy devs was banging on about how impressive the changes to Sapienza and Marrakesh were in the Summer filler.

“Yes, we have this incredibly versatile system that allows us to alter existing maps, but no we won’t actually be using this system to any meaningful effect.”


I was hoping for one alt mission for each location too, but I guess that isn’t happening. :frowning:


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