Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


I don’t believe it, but i will try right now on PS4 :smiley:.


It didn’t work :cry: :stuck_out_tongue::smiley:.


…I don’t like your new pic.

There. I said it.


But… but… i do :smiley: i’m a leo and leo is a sun sign, so that’s why i have fire on my i :smiley::wink:.


I can’t deal with so many pic changes.

ingrobny plz


hahaha i have said it before, but this is a keeper… for now… and eternity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did they change his routine or something I can’t get him to walk under the chandelier :rage::sob:. I’m doing everything the same as you he walks to the right of the desk avoiding the chandelier and the same when he exits.


When he is at the right of the desk it will kill him mate


Ah just did it but killed a non target damn it, don’t get how that kills him haha but it worked thanks. It’s hard to tell when to do stuff as you do it all through instinct :smiley:. Got to figure out the exact timing so I don’t kill the guard now.


Good luck. At first i just waited on the floor with the camera system, and just watched him about to enter, save, then try untill you get only him, then remember where he was exactly, and then you can do it from distance


I need it lol it’s so hard to judge. @Fortheseven do you do it as he leaves the room? I can’t pull it off as he enters the guards always die.


As he enters mate. And kinda like when hes almost at the end of the desk but still on the right


Ok I think the games just being buggy on me now, I was using saves and twice I’ve done it no non target kills have shown top right but it’s saying I have killed them at mission end screen. Will have to start again from scratch I found it was best to do it as he leaves but I’m sure you can do it both ways.

After restarting I have realised maybe a guard picked up the duck at the start :sweat_smile::smile::joy:.


Haha :smiley: Saves do tend to fuck up things


Oh my god the guard patterns keep changing.


I think I need a video of you doing it from the window haha. Scrap that @Fortheseven finally did it after around fifty tries :sweat_smile: I know when to do it now timing has to be perfect.


Haha nice man! I really like that chandelier kill. Awesome


Me too no idea how you figure out these things. I would never have known shooting the floor would move him to a different location.


Does anybody knows if there’s any guard/security that drops something like a shotgun/assault rifle on a House Built on Sand? Seems everything is the same SMG…


I have been thinking this since day one but never posted it, why didn’t they carry over the start locations and drop points? At the very least the drops points should have been carried over no?


After all these years, I’ve decided to do SA/SO without going into the trailer.

Nothing special but I’ve thought of this on my own. Show some love :slight_smile: