Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)



Nice moves.

As the first explosion (security alert) causes Dino to be evacuated to the basement and a second security alert causes him to be taken upstairs in the town hall building, I wonder what would happen if you shot both propane gas canisters. Would they take him straight to the upstairs room?


No, sometime the first one causes the second one to explode, and that takes him to the basement as well. And Thanks.


Ok this is going to sound really, really, really stupid but somehow the way Bosco talks and constantly blames other for running the shot reminds me of DarksydePhil (a somewhat famous Let’s Player).


Third bonus mission name is Landslide


Do we know where it is? I see the third picture in the image, can’t tell where it’s from.


Looks very much like Bangkok.


Kinda looks like the consulate to me actually!


Could be on usa map…


pretty sure the consulate doesnt look like that


The Icon - SA, SO, No KOs, No Distractions, No Bodies Found, No HUD, Fiber Wire Only

A House Built On Sand - SA, SO, No KOs, No Distractions, No Bodies Found, No HUD, Fiber Wire Only


No KO no distraction is not something I have ever tried. No KO sure but not no distraction.

I prefer to play the way i feel I would go about it if I were to actually be doing it. That said, I am super impressed. I didn’t even know that was possible on any map.


@YacobT, thanks for your comment!

‘No Distractions’ is slightly misleading, in the sense, that I mean only those which exploit the AI for convenience - like throwing coins, wrenches, etc., or running suddenly to force an NPC to move and investigate. These seldom work in real-life.

Mission-specific distractions like fire alarms, turning on radio, dropping a chandelier, etc. are allowed as per my definition. These mostly work in real-life. :wink:


A fellow role-player I see. I like your style. Only walking, keeping it cool, not taking advantage of AI, etc. Such a great experience.


@Fleur, thanks for your kind words! This style has been possible for all missions released so far. Kudos to the devs for the awesome level designs! :thumbsup:

And yes, the experience is indeed amazing! Extremely hopeful that the next set of missions (including the USA infiltration one) shall offer similar game-play and replay value, like all missions so far! :slight_smile:


As a few of you know, I found a different way to tackle SA/SO no KO shotgun challenge in A House Built on Sand, and I also said I might be able to get a double kill! Well, I got that challenge done in a different (and easier) way than I did in my old video. I couldn’t get the double kill with no KO, but I was able to do that with only target KOs. Here’s the old video for reference:

And here is the new way, both the one with no KOs at all, and the one with target KOs and double kill:


Anyone know how a House Built on Sand relates to Strandberg? I’m sure he’s involved in all this.


No relation to Claus, but the client for A House Built on Sand and A Gilded Cage is the same: building contractor Hamilton-Iowe


My “Sniper Assassin” runs. Jaeger 7 has been used.

The Icon (self-imposed)

  • Dino wears the Icon costume which is bulletproof, and so, it requires 3 headshots to eliminate him.

A House Built on Sand

  • Owing to the vantage point used, both targets are eliminated within 6-7 seconds of each other.


A House built on Sand is still for me the best level design of Hitman 2016


It’s so cool to see people are still doing awesome stuff in the bonus missions! :slight_smile:
Just two more days until the smoking hot, heart-breaking season finale :wink: